12 Days of Christmas Karen Knowler

Christmas Magic sponsored by Karen Knowler

Ready to Enjoy Your Most
Magical Christmas
AND New Year Ever?

Let’s bring back the magic into your December, all the way until Christmas… and Beyond!

Christmas Magic from Karen Knowler Tired? Stressed-out? Still got presents to buy (…and don’t even mention the wrapping!)?

I know how it goes. Very few of us escape it…

Christmas Magic Karen KnowlerIf you’re sick of the hustle, bustle, expense and commercialism that is apparently “Christmas” these days, and you want to tap back into that incredible magic and wonder that you felt as a child…

Look no further!

Let me take you by the hand and show you how to bring magic back into YOUR Christmas by signing up to receive access to 12 (yes, TWELVE!) free gorgeous gifts that will connect you with the magic, wonder and possibility that only December can bring.

In just 10-15 minutes every day for 12 days I will take you on a journey to transform your month into your most magical December yet.


Every day from Monday 11th December through to Tuesday 19th December 2017 you will receive, via email, a short audio instruction from me together with a beautiful handout to jot down notes and plans on.

By the end of those nine days you will have:
  • Created a (very) special corner in your home from which to tap into this magic
  • Tapped into your most magical vision for the Christmas period and exactly what your soul is calling you to experience, receive, and enjoy during this sacred time
  • Created clear and totally doable plans for how you’re going to infuse every day, and in particular Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with as much magic as possible – whether it be just for you as your own special secret, or to enjoy with your whole entire family
  • Learned how to gift yourself in a very special and unique way that will potentially be the most special gift you receive of all (this is my personal favourite!!)
  • Created your own personal “magic time” ritual to use any time you feel overwhelmed, behind, grumpy, frustrated or even disillusioned or sad and generally out of sync during the Christmas period
  • Become closer to yourself and your soul than you may have been for a very long time…

But that’s not all!

We both know that after the noise of Christmas has died down, it’s almost as if it never happened!

And suddenly a few days away, the New Year is upon us!

I don’t know about you, but personally, I don’t want that magic to end.

And so, you’ll have the opportunity to not only continue on enjoying the ripple effect of all of the magic you already experienced over the past couple of weeks, but to take it and ramp it up into an epic dreaming and planning time ready for an incredible 2018.

Tuesday 26th December – Thursday 28th December 2017

The magic is not over – not by a long way!

I’ll be back in your inbox on Tuesday 26th with the next step of our magical journey together, and then I’ll continue to support, inspire and guide you into the brand new year.

So, are you ready to bring back the magic?

Karen KnowlerI can’t wait to guide you back to the magic that you’ve been missing, craving and longing for since Santa flew away…

Merry Christmas!

Karen Knowler
Karen Knowler
Creator and sponsor of “12 Days of Christmas Magic”

Karen Knowler
Yes, Karen! I want to receive my 12 free
“12 Days of Christmas Magic” Gorgeous Gifts
starting from Monday 11th December, 2017.
(Signing up later than the 11th? Don’t worry you’ll still be able
to access all of the previous gifts no matter when you sign up)

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