Free Resources to Fast-track your journey

Each of the free gifts below will provide you with a powerful one-stop resource to bring you clarity, peace, direction and guidance.
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The Clean Sheet Exercise

This is the first step on your New Life journey.

If you are serious about creating and living the life that you dream of, then this first step is your non-negotiable entry point. Within five minutes (or less!) you will be clearer than you’ve been for a long time, and you'll know exactly what you'e going to be taking forward in your life and what's going to come in. 

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Why is this happening to me? Process

Every once in a while we have days where we throw our arms up in the air, when life feels too much, or a particular straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back, and we cry: Why is this happening to me? Using this step-by-step process, you will not only get clear on why this is happening, but know how to turn it around into exactly what you do want, and to clearly see the bigger picture. Every woman should own this process for those moments when things just stop making sense - it will change your life.

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How to feel better now

We all have days where we just don’t feel good. You might feel unwell, disappointed, frustrated, depressed, disheartened, or even completely and utterly distraught. It’s OK. Rather than staying stuck where you are, you have the opportunity to not only free yourself from the pain that you are in, but to actually feel better than you did even before it happened. This guide will give you the magic formula for feeling better NOW, no matter what is happening and no matter how long you've been feeling less than happy.

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The three life paths

Do you follow your head or your heart in life in life? Where do you make your decisions from? In this illuminating eBook you will learn about THREE life paths, including what each one comprises of, what each one leads to, and how to tell when you are ready for the third. This eBook is an edited transcript of a free training call that Karen ran in November 2017, and which received incredible feedback for shining a light on what so many women want and need to hear about living a Soul-led life.

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