Every once in a while we have days where we throw our arms up in the air, when life feels too much, or a particular straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back, and we cry:

Why is this happening to me?

Using this illuminating step-by-step process, you will not only get clear on why this is happening,      but you’ll also know how to turn it around into exactly what you do want, and to clearly see the bigger picture.

Every woman should own a copy of this process for those moments when things just stop making sense… it will change your life.

Your FREE 8-page workbook + audio includes:

  :::: What’s Happening?

  :::: A Higher Perspective

  :::: The Two Reasons Why

  :::: Your Turnaround Plan + Bonus Exercise


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    I absolutely LOVE working with this process!

    I came up with it over a period of time, after coaching many hundreds of women to understand the bigger picture for their struggles, challenging and suffering. Although these hard times are not fun, they always hold powerful lessons, benefits and often very silver linings that we simply wouldn’t receive any other way.

    My hope is that by working with this process any and every time you want to ask this exact question, you will come to see the perfection in whatever has transpired and have the opportunity to turn that lead into gold.

    “This process is life-changing. Karen is truly gifted and inspiring. She makes deep complicated concepts, clear and approachable. Personally, I have always found gratitude from difficult times, but never at the time, and sometimes taking many years later to realize it. Looking back, those challenges have produced things that have brought me my greatest joy and fulfillment. Sometimes we get stuck in the mire of messy challenges, especially if they tend to last a long time. Over a year ago, I was placed in a difficult situation, not of my own doing, and not soon to be on the other side of. Even with an amazing level of patience, I often found myself saying, “Why me?” I felt powerless. Through Karen’s gentle guidance, I immediately understood the amazing skills I’m learning from this situation, RIGHT NOW, and realized these skills are things I’ve prayed for and needed to learn for decades, one in particular, boundaries. This situation is also motivating me to take action on my dreams. Both priceless. What a sense of peace and power it gave me. The workbook is easy and frankly, fun to do. Karen’s work is a blessing. Love her! Highly recommended!”

    Jody Tramontina | West Des Moines, IA-USA