If You’re Ready to Look and Feel Amazing …

Then it’s time to raise the vibration of your diet, turn onto the power, energy and deliciousness of raw & living foods, and start transforming your body and kitchen into the sacred temples they’re supposed to be! 


high-vibeeating is for EVERY woman who is serious about living her life to the full, and realises that her body is the precious, most magical possession she will ever own.  

High Vibrational Eating  – it’s time!

“High Vibrational Eating” is for every woman who recognises that the body she’s living in and the life that she desires to live are in two different places. She is ready, willing and eager to step into a whole new level of energy, beauty, vitality and radiance, and just needs the step-by-step to get her there.

High Vibrational Eating comprises of 6 life-changing training modules with assignments, PLUS  Facebook support.

It provides the complete wrap-around support you need to successfully and joyfully transition to a high or all-raw food diet, that will transform your body and your health, while nourishing you on every level.


Dear Ready-to-Rejuvenate Woman,

If you’re currently feeling dull, heavy, lacklustre, lacking in mojo, and struggling to fit into your jeans…Don’t worry! Your brand new body is just around the corner.

Or perhaps you’ve been eating pretty healthy for a while now, but you KNOW you could be feeling so much better because you’ve been there before… Perhaps you’ve eaten raw food in the past, or done some juice cleanses with great success, but THIS TIME you want to go to a new level, and really up your nutritional and clean-eating game for the long-term.

Wherever you find yourself right now, you and I both know that how we feel in our body affects just about everything, right?

When we look good and feel good, we feel invincible. We are happier, clearer, our self-esteem rises, and we start to feel good about looking in the mirror again.

We start to believe in ourselves.

We start to feel like YES!! “I am Wonder Woman and I can make absolutely anything happen!”

And as shallow as we may sometimes think all of this body stuff is… actually, it’s PRICELESS.

You see, our body is not just something that we walk around in all day, rest at night, and that needs feeding, washing and clothing on a regular basis!

That’s just what we focus on, because we have to.

Actually, our body is the single greatest gift we are given… the gift that enables us to be ALIVE here on this planet, to experience, to love, to run, to jump, to explore, to create, to FEEL.

And this is where the problem/solution lays… in enabling ourselves to FEEL.

If you will give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to fully own and feel your body, to do right by it, to love it, to take care of it, to only put in the food and drink that will nourish, support, rejuvenate and revitalise it, you will not only create a body that you can feel truly, madly and deeply in love with, but you will also be aligning yourself with the practices of a High Vibrational Woman.

A High Vibrational Woman is not just a woman who thinks happy thoughts and focuses on living her best life. She is also a woman who recognises that her ability to live life to the full, and to feel confident, loving and beautiful doing it, is massively dependent on how she nourishes her body and what she does (and doesn’t) put into it.

Not only that, but on an even deeper level she understands that her ability to connect with her Soul and God/Spirit/Universe is also greatly enhanced or denied by what she consumes, and she has come to a point in her life where she is no longer willing to eat how most other people eat in order to be “normal”, to avoid, to numb-out, to fit-in or any other number of reasons that she had previously been using to push her self-honouring diet and high vibrational body away.

High Vibrational Eating is based on my 25 years of first-hand experience and experimentation with eating varying amounts of raw and living food, and feeling and seeing the difference as a result.

If you have had enough of feeling like your body is living in a lower dimension (!), or you feel as if you are ready to step into a whole new version of you – physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually…

I can absolutely promise you that no other way of eating and being in relationship with your body will be as powerful, illuminating, transformational and rewarding as making High Vibrational Eating a permanent mainstay and focus of your life.

Switching the way you feed yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can feel like one of the most amazing and rewarding journeys that you have ever taken… It certainly did for me.

If you desire to own a body that is gorgeous and healthy inside and out, and you’re ready to claim it for yourself, then you can expect nothing short of miracles when you stop eating what’s harming you, start cleaning up your diet, and specifically flood your cells with the purest, most vital, life-giving, nutrient-dense foods on the planet. 

There is simply NO better way to get such far-reaching, dramatically positive and truly jaw-dropping experiences and results than to upgrade your diet to a high-vibrational, mostly or exclusively raw food diet.

High Vibrational Eating has been created to give you the incredible and life-changing opportunity to learn, to experience, to witness, to transform, to be truly rejuvenated and to get excited again about living in a body that you can feel truly ecstatic about.

Are you ready to feel amazing again?


High Vibrational Eating is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to create a clean slate, to empty the fridge and create a brand new body for yourself 
  • You are ready to regain your energy, mojo and lust for life 
  • You are itching to learn more about raw and living foods, and how and why they will so powerfully transform your body
  • Yes, you might want to lose a few pounds, but just as importantly, if not more so, you are excited at the thought of watching your body become more alive, radiant and beautiful
  • You are ready to look and feel up to 10 years younger 
  • You fully recognise that the quality of ALL aspects of your life will be dramatically enhanced when you rejuvenate yourself from the inside out
  • You are ready to experience a brand new, happier and healthier version of you
  • You are more than open to whatever other amazing benefits might come from raising the vibration of your diet

Ready to see what you’re going to learn?…

MODULE 1: What is High Vibrational Eating?

In this first module we deep dive into the important foundations for this journey:

  • what High Vibrational Eating is 
  • why it’s important for a High Vibrational Woman to eat a High Vibrational Diet
  • why raw food is a crucial part of this approach
  • what benefits you can expect and when
  • what going raw and the High Vibrational Eating journey is really all about
  • how much raw food you need to eat to feel a difference
  • how to find out how much raw food is right for you at this point in your life
  • and, very importantly, what is your why?

MODULE 2: Raw Food 101

In Module 2 we dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of raw food, specifically:

  • what is raw food?
  • what foods are raw & the raw food groups
  • different ways to process raw foods to create thousands of different meals
  • warming raw foods
  • where to get raw food
  • quality over quantity 
  • how to select the best produce 
  • food for free
  • buying on a budget

MODULE 3: Raw Food Recipes & Menu Plans

In Module 3 things start to get really interesting! By this point you will know the all-important background – the energetics of the journey, as well as the broad practicalities that you need to know. So now, in this third module we dive into:

  • how to create a healthy High Vibrational menu for yourself that you will LOVE
  • how to get all the nutrients you need
  • how to feel satiated at every meal
  • how to transition to more-raw, or all-raw
  • how to add in superfoods and greens for maximum nutrition & benefit
  • how to transition mindfully

SPECIAL BONUS: With this module you’ll receive 50 delicious 100% raw and vegan recipe sheets (all gorgeously designed of course!), to give you some of my own personal favourite recipes to get you started. 

MODULE 4: How to Create a Raw Food Kitchen

In Module 4 we turn our attention to your kitchen. It’s time to create the perfect supportive terrain for your new, High Vibrational Diet – one that will inspire you and make it all EASY! So here in this fourth module we dive into:

  • how to detox, clean and totally refresh your kitchen so you can start your new journey with an sparklingly clean slate
  • what pieces of equipment your kitchen could/should have
  • what fresh, frozen, dried and other raw foods you might want to have stocked in your kitchen 
  • the best way to store your different raw foods for maximum shelf-life
  • how to organise your kitchen when the rest of your household eats differently to you
  • how to set up different workstations or “zones” for maximum ease and efficiency
  • how to sprout and grow indoor greens in your kitchen

MODULE 5: How to Get Rawganized for Success

With your kitchen set up to inspire you and make it easy for you to eat a High Vibrational Diet, it’s time for the personalisation and refinement. This is where the routines, systems and knowing yourself really come into play. In this penultimate module you will:

  • learn how to create a beautiful High Vibrational Eating binder for yourself so that you have a one-stop resource for everything that you need to eat the way that you desire (and require!) to eat. This is the piece that effectively locks everything into place on a practical level.
  • learn how to plan and batch recipe making so that you never look in the fridge and have nothing to eat
  • learn how create a one-stop document “My Rawganized Routine” to ensure that you’ve got everything covered, a realistic routine in place and that you stay on-track and in keeping with this life-changing system you’ve designed for yourself

MODULE 6: How to Stay High-Vibe

In this final module we enter into a bigger conversation about how to stay high-vibe in your eating (and living) for the long-term. It’s an important conversation because by this point so much will have changed and you won’t want to go back to the cookie jar (unless it’s raw!), so it’s time to look at what might tempt you… With this in mind, in this sixth module you will:

  • uncover your own personal weak spots – the ways that you’re most often tempted, derailed or lose conviction, inspiration or vision
  • learn how to eat out socially in a way that feels good for you and how you want to play it
  • learn how to eat high-vibe on the move
  • learn how to handle tricky or uncomfortable conversations about your “diet”
  • learn how to modify your high-vibe diet whenever you feel so-called
  • learn about the profound relationship between eating a high-vibe diet and being able to live a bigger, juicier and more inspiring life

50 Raw Food Recipes

As a special bonus to help fast-track you on your journey to radiance I’m giving you no less then FIFTY of my own personal favourite raw food recipes, including:

  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Nut milks
  • Fruit breakfasts
  • Savoury breakfasts
  • Quick lunches to make at home
  • Packed lunches to take to work
  • Main meal lunches
  • Raw snacks
  • Filling all-raw evening meals
  • Decadent desserts
  • Low-fat, highly delicious desserts

All recipes are 100% raw and vegan, and tried-and-loved by thousands worldwide. You’ll receive all 50 recipe sheets with Module 3.

By the end of the program, if you put into practice what I teach you and complete all of the assignments, you will be AMAZED by how young, radiant and alive you are feeling, and just how ready you now feel to step into an even more exciting vision for your life.

Prepare to be blown away by what you learn, how quickly you start feeling better, and how different you (and your kitchen!) are looking and feeling by the time you complete the program. I know that you won’t want the feeling to end!

What You Receive

  • 6x Pre-Recorded Modules (the entire High Vibrational Eating training). Each module comprises of an mp3 file + beautiful handouts. These modules will be made available to you via a password-protected download page, together with some additional unadvertised bonuses.
  • Facebook Group support from Karen to get your questions answered as and when they come up.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: 50 of Karen’s favourite raw food recipes, gifted to you in a gorgeous recipe sheet format.

If you’re ready to make this the year that you finally create the level of health, vitality and passion for life that you desire, reserve your spot TODAY!


 ONLY £97*  (Approx. $128)

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If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to email us at support@karenknowler.com.

This program will change not only your body, but also your life! Get ready to feel more alive and awake than you have done for year!

with love,

Karen KNowler Are you ready for a new life?

PS: You receive the entire program and all of the recipes IMMEDIATELY upon sign up!





Not at all, however experience shows that being part of a group and having access to me directly enhances your experience of the program greatly and I really recommend it. It’s the only way that you can get personalised support from me (Karen) with your HVE journey, plus you get the benefit of being part of an active and enthusiastic community of raw food enthusiasts (both men & women) from all around the world.


Yes, every aspect of this program and all of the associated bonuses and benefits you receive are virtual/downloadable. You can participate in this program from anywhere in the world. Time zone and location are not a barrier to participating fully in every aspect of this program.


Not in the way that you’re probably thinking! If you’ve eaten a salad or a fruit bowl before, then you’ve already got experience with eating raw food… but if you’re wondering if you have to have previous experience with following a mostly or all-raw food diet before, no, not at all.

This program is suitable for literally any man or woman who is ready to turn the page with their body and diet and to start nourishing themselves optimally, no matter what their previous diet.


Refund Policy: Due to the fact that you receive access to the entire program immediately upon signing up, this program is NON-REFUNDABLE.