{ARTICLE} 5 Steps to Your Most Potent Spring Yet

{ARTICLE} 5 Steps to Your Most Potent Spring Yet

Ahhhh, spring has sprung!

So we are now four days into Spring 2019, and I have to say, it feels so very welcome this year!

I think many of us have felt more than ready to receive this new, fresh, clear and clean burst of energy after what has felt like a very long, dark winter.

I’m sure I probably feel like this every year, but this year I’ve certainly noticed it more consciously than ever.

So today I’m here to inspire you to make the most of your spring, because I’m personally well and truly ON IT, and if you’d like to learn how you can be too, just keep reading for my 5 steps to your most potent spring yet.

If you haven’t given spring that much thought yet, you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you’ve simply been too tired, busy or distracted by other things, consider this your call to make the most of it and awaken.

The energy right now is potent for so many reasons, and so there is a very real opportunity to make the most of the planetary movement that has been happening recently and also the fact that we’re just about to move out of Mercury Retrograde – so lots to open up to.

With the energetic support combined with my 5 steps, you’ll be all set to clear out the old, make way for the new, and bring some slumbering dreams to life by working with the incredible energy that only spring can bring.

1) Get clear on what you want this spring to be about for you

Yes! You do have a choice! The next 12 weeks do not have to be random or “let’s just wait and see what happens”. You have the power to pause for thought, get clear on what you really want, and to ride the wave of energy that will enable you to pull these wonderful things off. 

If you have no clue what you want that to look like yet, or you’d like to expand on what you know or feel already, then you’ll definitely find the free virtual workshop that I ran last week super-helpful and inspiring. You can gain instant access to the replay here.

In my world: This spring for me is going to be about lots of fresh air, lightening up my diet, clearing a lot of unwanted and outdated possessions, travelling to the USA for some potent transformation, nourishing my skin, progressing my book, launching a new website, consolidating my online presence, loving lots on my subscribers and listeners, and putting some powerful new routines, systems and structures in place for a blooming summer.

2) Make space

This is one of my favourite things to do and talk about. Making space is Step 1 of the New Life Process, and it’s in position 1 for a reason. Any time I want to open my world up to bigger and better things you will always find me decluttering, shredding, recycling and donating. In fact I have already started the process and next on my list is a massive office cleanse that I cannot wait to started on! Making space doesn’t just have to be about getting rid of stuff though. There’s actually a very real energetic shift that happens when people declutter and make space, and there’s also many ways to enhance the process and make it even more powerful. This is what I teach in my Make Space for Magic program and also what I’m going to be covering in detail later this week during the second call of the My Spring Renewal program.

I promise you – when you make space in your home, you make space in your life, and that space can be used to attract and then accommodate much more wonderful than what you let go of – but you do need to know what you are making space for first.

In my world: In the next 1-2 week I’m getting to work on my office, bedroom, hallway and dining room. I cannot wait to lighten up on things I’ve been holding onto for ages. It’s time! What am I making space for? A brand new business and wonderful new clients!

3) Clean up your body

You’ve probably already felt the pull to clean up your diet over the past week or so and that’s entirely natural. It’s time to let go of the heavier, stodgier foods of winter and open yourself and your body up to all things fresh, green and juicy! I am feeling this really strongly right now and in fact went and purchased a litre of freshly made green juice earlier today and boy did it feel good to drink it! I could literally feel the goodness flooding my vein. During this time you may find that your appetite shrinks a little as the days become lighter and brighter. You may also well find that you have the urge to detox, release certain foods or drinks, and/or to do a deep clean of your kitchen.

All of these are absolutely natural side effects of the new, fresh energy that is transforming your external world and this is exactly what your body is being called to, too.

In my world: I know that my very solids-focused diet is going to shift to more green juices and juicier fruits. Today, in fact, the only solid food I’ve actually eaten so far is grapes and a handful of soaked almonds! The rest has been a protein smoothie and half a litre of green juice, plus lots and lots of water. I’m excited to be feeling lighter in my body in every sense of the word. It feels amazing.

4) Detox your kitchen

Hand-in-hand with a dietary clean-up must come the kitchen detox! Chances are you have all kinds of dodgy lingering in your kitchen, and this is the perfect time to get it out! If you’ve never done a complete clean sweep of your kitchen before – apart from when you last moved home – then I encourage you to give yourself the gift of going all-in with a clear agenda, going deep with your cleanse and feeling the magic that can only be felt when your kitchen is aligned with your body and eating goals.

In my world: My kitchen detox is already almost complete because of a virtual workshop I ran a couple of weekends again for my HVL101 Lifetime members. During this time they had 1.5 hours to get as far as they could (and so did I), and it’s amazing just how much you can get done (and discover!) when you have just that one single project to focus on. And now I’m ready to go even deeper.

5) Receive a new vision for your life

Once your environment and body are cleaned up you will be ready to receive. Yes absolutely things will likely have already shifted for you quickly and possibly dramatically while completing each of the above steps, but there’s also going to be a new, more powerful level of clarity available to you for even more. More that you can’t yet see.

This is the perfect moment – when you’re feeling clear and clean – to go within and to listen to your heart/soul and see what it wants for you now.

In my experience, the more profound the clearing beforehand, the more profound the vision after.

In my world: I have a sense of what might come through for me out the other side, but of course the magic is that truly nobody knows! What I do know for sure is that it will be exciting, and I’ll be incredibly grateful for it. This is one of the many benefits of living magically on raw.

So, are you now feeling inspired and ready to go for your own spring renewal?



If any or all of the above speak to you and you’d love to be guided through each step one-by-one in a fun and powerful way, then you definitely need to know about “My Spring Renewal”.

This is a brand-new online group program that just started last Thursday.

It runs for 6 weeks, and week-by-week women from all around the world are being guided through different processes to transform their home, diet, body, kitchen and lives.

We have women who are feeling lost and directionless, women who want to lose some winter weight, women who want to make the most of the Make Space for Magic training within the program (that’s coming this week), and women who want to see what magic spring can hold for them this year… and more.

Every woman has joined for a different reason and all of them will come out awake, alive, happy, excited and thriving!

If you’re ready for a Spring Renewal yourself, I invite you to seriously consider joining us, because it’s not only easy, powerful and magical, but it’s also so much more fun when done in fabulous company. (And I do attract amazing people!)

To check out all of the details just click here and see if it speaks to you.

And in the meantime, if you have any questions, comments or shares about my 5 steps to your most potent spring yet, then I’d love to read and respond to them in the comments below.

Here’s to your most magical, light-filled spring ever!


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