7 Great Reasons to Get Back on the Raw Food Wagon This September

7 Great Reasons to Get Back on the Raw Food Wagon This September

So… how’s your raw food intake at the moment?

It’s OK – if it’s less than you want it to be and you’re in need of some serious inspiration to get yourself back on the wagon, look no further.

Here’s 7 great reasons to get back on the raw food wagon this September…

  1. Because you know – on every level – that you feel SO MUCH BETTER when you eat more raw. Quite simply it works – every.single.time.
  1. Because the Autumn Equinox is approaching, and it’s a GREAT time to do a cleanse and to let go of the old stagnant and blocked energy and feng shui your body with vibrant living foods.
  1. It’s back to school season! There’s always cool and exciting new things to learn about eating raw, and also to learn about how much better YOU get to feel on raw, so pull up a seat, up your percentage of raw, and expand your energy and your knowledge off the back of this fabulous September energy.
  1. It’ll be December before we know it (sorry!). And that means LBD season. Start now and you can be looking gorgeous in that favourite little black dress well before party season rolls around. Ready to WOW yourself?
  1. Because you know that when you feel better you do better. You’ll perform better at work, in your business, as a parent or carer, and in your life overall. And who doesn’t want better results in every area of their life? Raw food will make your sparkle everywhere!
  1. Want to get back into fitness or increase your flexibility, strength and cardio? Cleansing and rebuilding your body with high quality raw foods will make it so much easier to reach your fitness goals without all the nasties sapping all your energy.
  1. Because right now I’m running a special September sale to help you on your way! There’s a very yummy 35% off all of my raw food programs until midnight Eastern on Tuesday 11th September 2018. Whatever stage you’re at, you are sure to find something that you love. I’ve also opened up my raw food coaching again for a limited time.

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Here’s to a September that’s full of delicious food, top notch nutrition and feeling the way you want to feel again!

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