{ARTICLE} 10 Reasons Why People Get Bored with Raw Food – And What to Do About It – Part 2 of 2

{ARTICLE} 10 Reasons Why People Get Bored with Raw Food – And What to Do About It – Part 2 of 2

Following on from Part 1, which you can find here.

BOREDOM FACTOR 6: Eating Out Becomes a Hassle

It’s true – it’s not usually an absolute thrill eating out when you follow a totally raw food diet (unless you’re eating at a great raw food restaurant, of course). It’s not because it couldn’t be great – after all, I don’t think any of us are against having amazing food made for us as often as possible or making a real occasion out of a meal – BUT, the fact remains that at this point in history, most everyday restaurants are simply not well versed in how to make a great salad, let alone anything more. So the reality for most of us is that we get to a restaurant, pray for a great salad, and tend to let it rest at that: the wing-and-a-prayer approach!


Imagine how it would be if every time you went to eat out you got so excited that you almost couldn’t contain yourself. Yes, it’s possible. The most obvious way to feel this way is to only eat out at (wonderful) raw food restaurants. This way it’s guaranteed. But what about the times where that’s not possible or viable or no-one else but you is interested? This is where creativity and willingness come into play. First of all, you need to do your research before you go to the chosen eatery. Get hold of the menu in advance by accessing it online or calling them up and having them email it to you. Then you know what you’re dealing with. From there, you can decide what – if anything – you are already happy to eat. If the salads look lame, look at the rest of the menu to see what other ingredients they’re using elsewhere. Then call them up and ask them if they’d be OK to customise a dish for you, based on salad + XYZ that you’ve seen they already have. Or even ask them if the chef is open to making a raw food meal just for you. I have yet to be refused by any restaurant when asking for option A, so highly recommend this approach for getting at least a decent salad on your terms. But there’s more! Even once you’ve jazzed your salad up, you still may feel that it’s “alright”, but you’re not exactly jumping up and down with excitement. And that’s OK. While you may have gone as far as you can go with the restaurant, the ball is now back in your court. So you need to ask yourself the question: “What would make this meal exciting/amazing/perfect for me?” And then listen for your answer. Your answer essentially tells you the gaps YOU need to fill. This might mean taking something along in your handbag, or stashing a sweet treat for dessert, or choosing to drink champagne instead of Perrier. It’s really up to you. What’s most important to realise is that you CAN have an amazing eating experience out and about, but sometimes some of the onus is going to be on you.

BOREDOM FACTOR 7: You Don’t Have Any Specific Goals or Results in Mind

Eating raw without any good reason/s is often a recipe for disaster. It’s just like going to the gym and having no clue why – but it sounds like a good idea, and other people seem to love it! Basically, as soon as you come up against a challenge, you think, “I’m done,” and off you go back to whatever felt more comfortable, convenient and familiar before. Having a great reason/goal/intended result from eating raw is what lights the fire in the belly. Without it, it’s “just another diet”.


I am deeply passionate about eating raw for a hundred different reasons. But you certainly don’t need a hundred reasons to be passionate about raw to love it and feel excited and inspired by it – you just need one – but it needs to be a powerful, values-driven and non-negotiable one. How do you find your one? There’s a few ways to go about this, but the simplest place to start is to look at what matters to you in your life right NOW. What currently is front of mind for you when it comes to priorities, values, goals, desires and basically what you want to create or enjoy in your life? What in your life is so important, maybe even crucial to you, that you might be prepared to walk over hot coals to get it? That’s the kind of level we’re talking about. I’m prepared to go to the gym every week no matter how much it hurts because I love having a strong, lean, healthy body MORE than I resent the pain. And I love eating raw food because it plays into that same physical goal that the gym also satisfies, AND it keeps my hormones balanced, my mindset positive, my productivity through the roof, my spiritual life alive and kicking… and a few other amazing things that may be best kept to myself! Trust me, when you have your WHY or whys, you will never see raw food the same way again, and you’ll be looking through the right lens to keep you excited and progressing.

BOREDOM FACTOR 8: When There’s Nothing Magical About It

Raw food is magical and while that’s not necessarily obvious from the outside looking in (unless you’re looking at an amazing raw food cake!), it does become increasingly obvious and tangible the more you eat it, the longer you eat it, and the more consciously you eat it. So if eating raw feels about as magical as eating the contents of your laundry basket… you’ve got a little bit of work to do!


One of the most powerful ways to open yourself up to the magic of raw is to either do a complete cleanse (100% raw or juice cleanse), or to water fast for a few days and stop eating completely. Please note that your course of action should absolutely be relative to where you’re at dietarily right now, because for most people going 100% raw from a standard diet can be enough to feel the magic. For those who consider themselves at the higher end of healthy, sometimes only a hardcore cleanse is the key because the sensitivity is already there but it’s not as high as it needs to be. It’s the power of contrast that will open you up to the magic, specifically because you’ve now got something to compare it to. Just be aware that the cleaner your diet gets and the more you become accustomed to it, the more you can take for granted that “magical” feeling until the point where it feels completely normal. It’s in these cases that a juice cleanse or water fast is in order, and then eating again for the first time truly feels like manna from heaven. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please don’t water fast for an extended period of time without consulting a qualified health professional that you trust.)

BOREDOM FACTOR 9: Not Seeing Raw Food For What It Truly Is 

As mentioned previously, sometimes we can get so accustomed to something that we completely forget how life was before, and how awful we felt before we went raw. The new norm can become like a favourite dressing gown – comfortable, cosy and not particularly exciting because it’s worn day-after-day-after-day-after-day. We forget that we chose that dressing gown because we loved the colour, the fit, the texture, and the way it made us feel as if we had just stepped out of a high-end spa. Now it’s just “my dressing gown” – and yet it’s still the same dressing gown that originally made you feel all of those things and more. So too can we start to feel the same way about raw food. We forget our why, we forget the before, we forget that we chose it, we ignore the things it still keeps giving to us. And so, it becomes boring, predictable, reliable and… (cue shocked ghost-face) “normal”.


It’s time to list all those reasons you originally went raw AND add a lot more on top! Yes, there were great reasons but you’ve lost them in the mists of time. They got you this far, but now they’re in need of an update or complete reinvention to keep you keeping on. So again, what do you most crave, cherish or desire in your life right now? How can raw food play directly into that or even be the sole creator of that? Raw food is amazing in every dimension and realm possible – it will enable you to do anything you want to do. You just need to find what matters most to you and raw food will have a way to support you in making it happen.

BOREDOM FACTOR 10: You’ve Lost The Soul Connection To Raw

Not everyone feels a soul connection to eating raw, but I would be so bold as to say it’s there lurking somewhere under the surface anyway. I believe that deep down we all know and have a sense or memory that this is the way we were created and designed to eat (although not necessarily exactly as we do today), and that inner knowing shows up as a feeling of rightness when we eat a meal that’s delicious, fresh and raw. That being said, to be clear, I only truly feel this sense of divine perfection when I eat (or drink) super-clean and pure – something like a bowl of perfectly ripe papaya or a bowl of freshly picked strawberries. I most definitely do not at all feel that soul connection when eating a dehydrated flax cracker or burger, or anything that has been blended to death!


Whether you’ve ever felt that soul connection to raw or not, it’s totally possible to feel it whenever you are ready. It starts with the desire. You have to want to feel that connected to yourself, your soul and your food – otherwise you will find a way to block it out. Then it’s a case of eating as you are guided. As before, this might mean going on a cleanse, eating only fruit for a day, mono-eating, or only eating when absolutely famished. This might take some experimentation on your part to find the magic key for you, or you might already know. For me personally, I get the ultimate high and sense of soul connection in this way when I eat very simply, predominantly or exclusively fruits and salads, or when I do a freshly-pressed juice cleanse. I also need to only consume when really hungry, be journaling, meditating and ideally soaking up the sun! These are the ways I experience that priceless, incredible feeling of feeling complete oneness with myself, my body and all of life. As far-out as it may sound to some, for me it’s the only combination that truly works. It really is a sense of coming completely home to my divine design, and that amazing place of physical and spiritual combined perfection.

And that alone is enough to knock boredom off the radar today and forever!


Now it’s your turn! What works for you? What hints, tips or magical recipes do you have to share that always keep your raw spark alive and burning?

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