{Article} The 10 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Ready For Your Next Level

One of the most common issues I come across with conscious evolving women who are feeling “meh” or frustrated about their life, is that they can be growing and changing so fast that they often don’t notice when they’ve outgrown themselves and/or their life.

I know about this phenomenon only too well because I have been through it more times that I can possibly remember, and most of the time (because it still happens regularly) it creeps up on me when I’m the least expecting it!

Most annoying…

Generally speaking, this phenomenon starts with a sense that nothing is feeling right. It then turns into frustration, a low-level depression and feelings of discontent. And then, if the Universe doesn’t send me a loud or obvious wake-up call, eventually I realise that I’ve outgrown my current chapter, and a new one is waiting. And then it’s time for me to figure out to where I’m being led (that, or face the increasing frustration of feeling stuck and uninspired).

I believe that millions of women stay trapped in this low-level depression for much of their lives. It can be dismissed on a daily basis for decades and decades with exclamations such as “I should be happy with what I already have”, “Maybe this is all that there is for me…”, and “Who am I to want more, anyway?”

This can literally keep women (and men, too) stuck and trapped inside a life that they have long outgrown for years, with no possible chance of escape, because they’ve already told themselves that they shouldn’t want to, or that there’s nowhere else for them to go anyway.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I recently ran a free training call entitled “The 10 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Ready for Your Next Level” and today I’m going to share with you exactly what those 10 Tell-Tale Signs are, as well as how to access the recording of that call for FREE.

As well as going into much more detail about each of the 10 Signs, on the call I also went into the 5 simple steps to get yourself back on track and into alignment with your soul (your soul already knows what your next level looks like!), which was equally powerful, and which you can access to by listening to over here.

So, if you’ve been feeling a bit meh, bleugh, lacklustre, down, depressed, lost, bewildered, foggy, tired for no apparent reason and potentially even bored rigid, then keep reading because you’re likely going to find a lot of resonance with at least a few of these…

The 10 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Ready for Your Next Level

Sign #1 | You are finding it hard to get excited about life

You want to feel excited; you just don’t. And what makes it worse is you’re not sure how and where to find that excitement, and that just leads to further dissatisfaction, frustration and blues. Ugh.

Sign #2 | When you look in your fridge or wardrobe, nothing looks or feels right

It literally feels like “there’s nothing to eat, and there’s nothing to wear” and yet both may be full to the brim – or at least, far from empty! This is a vibrational issue. What is staring back at you is where you have been, not where you are going, hence you can’t connect with it. You are not staring at your future, you are staring at your past.

Sign #3 | You find yourself gravitating towards unhealthy habits or addictions

These can be the usual suspects such as junk food, alcohol, overspending, over socialising, creating drama or distraction, overcomplicating things or even creating complete chaos. These are all ways that we can distract ourselves so that we don’t have to face up to how we’re really feeling inside. When you notice these things happening, don’t come down hard on yourself. Simply take them as a very clear sign that you are acting out because your life has become too small for it to be holding any serious juice for you, or seriously holding your attention.

Sign #4 | Everything in your life is starting to feel old or stale, even if some it is very new

This one always surprises me because I tend to run the story “if it’s new it must be relevant”, however, we can outgrow new things quickly too. The feeling of things being old and stale is yet another sign of vibrational dissonance. We may not be in our new and happy place yet, but we are already part-way out of what has been. When you reach this place on your next level journey, it’s more important than ever to start figuring out where you’re being called to because being in limbo is never fun.

Sign #5 | You feel the urge to be reclusive, yet once you have alone time, you may be easily distracted and push the stillness away

Oh the irony! You finally give yourself space to listen to yourself and to figure out what is wrong and what you might want instead, and then when you actually step into that space you start feeling uneasy, resistant and maybe a little out of your depth, and promptly decide that watching the TV or reading a trashy magazine is a much better use of your time! (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there…)

Sign #6 | There is an inner calling, a nudge or whisper that is beckoning you to another world

This is a much better feeling place than all of the others I’ve covered so far because in this place you can sense that something new and juicy is waiting for you, and yet you still don’t know what it is. At this stage it’s vital to ask the right questions and be open to receiving your vision, otherwise you’ll stay in the awareness that it’s out there, but without taking the right steps to discover and embrace it, then out there it will stay!

Sign #7 | You find yourself revisiting the things that you already know inspire you and lift you up

This is a great sign because it tells you that you’re getting ready to receive. By the very act of choosing to raise your vibration through things that make you feel good, such as cleaner eating, detoxing your closet, going for a swim, or buying some new make-up, you are effectively moving into a higher vibrational slipstream where your fabulous next level or next chapter is waiting. KEY POINT: It is only by raising our vibration that we start gaining access to the exciting new level that is waiting for us, as our next level is always going to be of a higher vibration than our last, so this step is crucial.

Sign #8 | You find yourself strongly drawn to a person or activity that feels like a beacon of light or holds great inspiration for you

Examples of this may be mentors, authors, eminent professionals or celebrities, or even people closer to home who embody a certain je ne sais quoi that gets us excited about being more like them, or having something that they have. Activity-wise, you might find yourself strangely drawn to deep-sea diving or street dancing or something else that you consider rather unusual for you, where previously you likely had zero interest. Alternatively, you might develop a sudden passion for visiting a certain type of place that you’ve never really been moved to spend time in before, or find yourself reading article after article on a certain topic that is truly fascinating to you. These are all massive clues about where you are being drawn to next.

Sign #9 | You feel the urge to throw stuff out and/or make a major life change (or three), but you may lack the energy to start or complete the project 

This sign tells us that you are definitely ready to make space for the new, but you’re not quite there yet in terms of clarity, vision, belief or commitment because you’re not yet ready to drive the train home. The good news is that you’re on the right track; now all that’s missing is the compelling (squealicious!) vision that will move you from feeling and being ready to actually moving forward.

Sign #10 | Deep down you know that if you don’t make changes soon, you may become a version of yourself that you never wanted to be

I know. This is a hard-hitter, but it’s true. When we stay stuck for too long we start to lose respect for ourselves and then, to compound the issue further, we create new beliefs about ourselves that are cruel, unhelpful and erroneous. The more of these beliefs we create and subscribe to, the harder it becomes to get ourselves out of the funk and into the joy. We are too busy telling ourselves how stuck and deluded we are! Hence why, if you have the solution to the problem of “what does my next level look like?”, you’d be wise to jump in and take advantage of it as soon as possible!


Ready for some GREAT news?

I got so fed up of struggling to figure out what my next level was every time the issue presented itself to me, that I created a one-stop process that I could pick up and use each and every time, that was GUARANTEED to help me not only get a fantastic and exciting new direction for myself, but even more importantly, to receive the juicy and very specific details of it.

This process is so fun and powerful that there was no way I couldn’t start sharing it with others. And now I’m about to do it again.

The process is entitled “High Vibrational YOU” and it’s being taught across six weeks in a live online group setting which is currently enrolling.

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All you need to know can be found here.

Currently there are over 70 women in the group (we officially start on Monday 6th November, but Module 1 is available NOW), and I know this program can and will help so many more.

If this speaks to you, seriously, run don’t walk.

I say this not just because it’s a brilliant program that WILL be the answer to your prayers, but also, because in the future, a lot of things will be changing and this could well be the last time that I run this program live, and the live coaching calls with me that come with the program really are invaluable.

So… if this sounds like something you could use right now – or even know you’re likely to want to use in the future – then you are warmly invited to come and check it out and join the other excited women who are already on their way to discovering their amazing next level, and all of the magic that’s waiting for them there.


I want to hear from you!

Which of the 10 tell-tale signs do you resonate with? Where are you at in your life right now and what’s keeping you stuck? Or, perhaps you’re ready to get unstuck but just don’t know what to do first…? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. See you there!


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