Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

I did not rush in posting this blog.

Last Tuesday, as I was receiving many other people’s emails about Black Out Tuesday and Black Lives Matter, I realised that I was going to need some time to really allow the reality of what’s happening and what has been happening, to sink in before I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.

And so I have started educating myself.

It was while standing at my juicer on Wednesday morning, preparing for day 3 of my juice cleanse that I came across the piece that has moved me the most so far in terms of a white person showing truly genuine love and caring and heartbreak to People of Colour.

Usually James Corden is known for his humour, but the truth is often that the people who make people laugh are among the most sensitive and empathic of all. Everything James said sums up what I want to say. My heart was literally breaking as I saw him talking to his black friend Reggie on the screen, as Reggie recounted how, even though he’s had it easier than many, he has experienced enough of this horrific racism that has been all-prevalent for so long.

And then followed the replay of Dave’s song “Black” sung at the 2020 Brit Awards.

I had not heard it before. But as I listened to every word, I realised, “I already knew ALL of this, and  yet I too have been unconsciously complicit in doing absolutely nothing about it.” 

Click on the link below to watch it:


Years ago one of my clients came up to me at a live event and took me to one side. She said, “Karen, I just want to thank you for using black faces in your materials.” I was quite taken aback, and said, “Of course!” as the way I have always felt is that we are all human beings, all souls, no matter what colour of our skin, eyes, hair… and it wasn’t something I had even thought about. “Most people don’t do that,” she said, “and so I wanted to thank you.”

At the time I was so in my own white privilege that I didn’t receive the comment for what it really was.

I have started to wake up.

I’ve been thinking about what I am going to do. I’m not totally there yet, my conscious journey has just started, but I have one great idea that came to me while juicing last Wednesday which would be HUGE if I can pull it off. The idea feels Heaven-sent, although it will take some time for the pieces to come together, but it would be more than worth it. In the meantime I will continue to focus on what else I can do to help put an end to something I cannot even find the words for. The more I look and listen the more horrified I am.

I didn’t want to wait another post this, and so to my POC readers, for today, please know my heart and thoughts are with you.

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