{ARTICLE} How to Make Fresh Nut Milks in Your Blender

Nut milks are what I consider to be a raw food classic. They’re quick, easy – fun, even. And they taste jolly good too. In fact, if you know what you’re doing they taste superb, and anyone – young or old – would love them given half a chance. What follows is the why, what … Read more{ARTICLE} How to Make Fresh Nut Milks in Your Blender

{ARTICLE} Falling Off The Wagon

This week, in a fair few groups I am currently running, people have shared with me that the past few months haven’t been their “best” ever food-wise. I can sympathise. Hormones? Changing seasons? Recent life changes? Something larger and far more cosmic than meets the eye? I believe it’s a different set of reasons for … Read more{ARTICLE} Falling Off The Wagon

{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Buy Raw Foods On a Budget

Eating raw can be either super-cheap or super-expensive, or anywhere in between – it depends on what kinds of foods you are buying, where you are buying them from as well as the all-important quality and quantity. The most expensive foods are typically the tropical fruits and out of season fruits, the speciality ingredients from overseas … Read more{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Buy Raw Foods On a Budget

{RECIPE} Creamy Sea Salad

Finding delicious recipes that include sea vegetables can sometimes be tricky. Dulse seems to be one of the few sea vegetables that most people like and is extremely high in valuable minerals. This salad is one where you can literally feel the goodness pumping through your veins. SERVES 1-2 Equipment Sharp knife Blender Ingredients 3⁄4 … Read more{RECIPE} Creamy Sea Salad

{ARTICLE} The Importance of Honouring Your Own Timing

One of the great things about having worked with so many clients, both in group and 1:1 situations, is that certain themes, patterns and problems really stand out. One of the many themes that has come up over and over again, is the importance of timing. It is only too common that I come across … Read more{ARTICLE} The Importance of Honouring Your Own Timing

{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Select the Best Packaged Products

When shopping for fruit and vegetables, rule number 1 is always to choose organic, and it really is no different when it comes to dried and pre-packaged foods. Beyond that, there’s a lot about food that we don’t have a clue about until we start investigating. What I’ve discovered along the way is this: Nuts: The … Read more{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Select the Best Packaged Products

{RECIPE} Truly Raw Coleslaw

This is a fantastic fresher take on commercial coleslaw that’s as versatile as it is delicious. You can use your coleslaw as a side dish, mix it into a salad for a whole new experience, or use it as a topping or filling for a “meatier” recipe such as a veggienut burger or a raw … Read more{RECIPE} Truly Raw Coleslaw

{ARTICLE} Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

When we first get into raw foods and we go through the “Oh my God, this is so amazing!” phase, it’s pretty common to shut out other aspects of our lives so that we can focus 100% on revamping our diet, kitchen and everyday eating habits and get fully immersed in our exciting new awareness, … Read more{ARTICLE} Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Select the Best Fresh Produce

As obvious as it may sound, it is of premium importance to buy the best quality food you can afford… and what you see isn’t always what you get in terms of quality and value. So, aside from making sure your foods are clearly labelled as organic, it’s important to use all SIX senses when … Read more{RAW FOOD HOW-TO} How to Select the Best Fresh Produce

{RECIPE} Raw Potato Salad

If you love traditional potato salad, then you will adore this recipe. In this recipe we’re using SWEET potatoes, which makes for a very delicious, satiating and moreish recipe that you’ll want to use over and over again. SERVES 4-6 Equipment Blender OR Food Processor (This is for the Raw Mayo – see separate recipe.) … Read more{RECIPE} Raw Potato Salad