{ARTICLE} An Introduction to Maca

Maca is a potent superfood with a 5,000+ year history yet has only been introduced to the Western world fairly recently. Hailed as “Nature’s Viagra” and “Peruvian Ginseng” maca has a lot to offer both genders of all ages, as well as boasting a wide and impressive range of nutritional properties. Read on for more … Read more{ARTICLE} An Introduction to Maca

{ARTICLE} How To Create a Raw Lifestyle Vision Board

When I first introduce people to the concept of Vision Boards, typically half of my audience have heard of them and only a third, or less, has actually created one. Assuming roughly the same figures here, I’ll briefly explain more about what a Vision Board is, how you create one and how you can turn … Read more{ARTICLE} How To Create a Raw Lifestyle Vision Board

{ARTICLE} An Invitation For YOUR Raw Superhero Self

Since I stepped back into my raw food work fully I’ve been absolutely amazed at the energy that’s been showing up for me – in so many different forms. At times it has felt almost like a whirlwind. (In a good way!) Synchronicities have been happening left, right and centre. So why has this been … Read more{ARTICLE} An Invitation For YOUR Raw Superhero Self

{ARTICLE} Why “Go Raw”?

When you choose to eat more fresh, raw foods you are essentially saying “yes” to eating food full of the nutrients, phytochemicals, oxygen, water and enzymes that nature intended – with nothing taken away. Pure life force (and common sense) in my experience! Saying “yes” to raw is essentially saying yes to the foods that … Read more{ARTICLE} Why “Go Raw”?

{ARTICLE} Going Raw… And What To Expect

26 years ago, back in the spring of 1993, a twenty-year old woman embarked on a journey that was to define her life for the next two decades and more. This journey was “the raw food journey”, a journey that she had no idea she was embarking upon when she first set foot into the … Read more{ARTICLE} Going Raw… And What To Expect