{Coronavirus Series} Part 1 – The Importance of Focus

{Coronavirus Series} Part 1 – The Importance of Focus

So I just posted my first podcast in many months and it was about covid-19.

You can find it here.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve come across plenty of articles, TV programs, conversations, YouTube videos, etc. which may or may not have made your head spin even more.

The purpose of my podcast is to put all the main pieces on the table and to effectively remind you that ultimately, no matter what the rest of the world might try to have you believe, we are each at choice now. 

I know, it is very tempting, easy and almost natural, to be swayed by the many external forces and influences that are very present right now. And they have their place. HOWEVER, in order for you to not fall prey to negativity, paranoia, discombobulation and worse, you and only you have to CHOOSE to be in control of your thoughts, your emotions, where you put your energy, how much time you spend looking outside and how you live your life over the coming weeks, and potentially months.

This doesn’t have to be a scary time.

I know that ultimately this is a conversation about life and death, and that is no small deal. But the facts are that even if you should contract the virus, the chances of you suffering more than light to moderate symptoms is very low, unless of course you are in the higher-risk categories, and that’s a separate conversation. 

Over the next few days and potentially weeks I’m going to be posting something new everyday to support you in one or more of three key ways:

  • your emotional poise
  • your spiritual purpose
  • potent productivity

Why these three?

Emotional poise because without this you will continue to spin and swirl and become increasingly unhappy, stressed-out, unproductive, unhinged and potentially much worse. (Plus you will inevitably pass this onto others which is its own form of contagion.)

Spiritual purpose because I believe it’s vitally important that you locate, plug into and continually source from your spiritual core and connect only with ideas, behaviours, actions and ideals that feel deeply true, resonant and valuable to you at this time, more than any other. This then becomes your “port in the storm” and no matter what is happening outside of you, you can continue to find the much-needed clarity, strength, peace, acceptance, vision and humility that you require. When you have this, in most respects outside of food and shelter, you have everything. So be very mindful of everything else outside of this place that you choose to draw from, because the majority of everything else that you come across over the next period of time is likely to take you off-centre and challenge everything positive that you’ve started to create.

Potent productivity because NOW is THE most excellent time to get things done! And when I say “things” I am talking about so many wonderful things that you can put your energy towards right now, that perhaps you’ve been “meaning to get to” or have been putting off, or have simply wanted to try out for the longest time. Throughout these blog posts, I’m going to be sharing a LOT of great ideas with you about places you can direct your energy during this time, so that you don’t have it swirling about causing chaos internally and externally and creating more and more discombobulation for yourself and those you love. And yes, this will include addressing your diet, because your level of immunity is the key to you staying healthy.

And so, today we’re going to set the tone by discussing energy and your conscious placement of it. What you’re about to read/learn will help you to truly understand just how easy and simple calming yourself can be, and why it’s so important and beneficial to do that.


Over the past few days everyone, even the most centred and balanced of individuals, has been finding it hard to stay focused.

This is a combination of local and world events moving so fast, the constant barrage of media and external input, and having to navigate current realities and future (unknown) possibilities.

All of these individually are enough to take almost any person off their game, but all of them combined is a complete guarantee.

In physics there is such a thing as “the organising principle”.

The idea behind the organising principle is that any intellectual or practical system always contains a central pole – a.k.a an essential priority – around which all the other components group themselves.

In lay terms, what this means is that in order for anything to work cohesively, harmoniously and for the long-term it needs to have a central focus that is well thought-out, is valued and valuable and ideally, that the person (or people) working around it can be passionate about it and excited by it.

The relevance of this – in these times specifically – is that people are feeling that their usual central pole has been pulled away from them, or is about to be. Common examples include: job, parenting routine/schooling system, social habits/environments, relationships, entertainment/distractions and business.

Where one’s energy was previously organised around a particular lifestyle, habit or routine, now it is “at sea” – untethered, or soon to be. The automatic consequence is that the energy now becomes disorganised, chaotic and without focused direction. i.e. hello mayhem city!

So essentially, if we don’t have a focus, we have chaos.

This is true for every single one of us.

And so, if you want to feel back in control of your life, peaceful, together, focused, clear and harmonious once more, you are going to have to get a new focus, and fast!

The good news is, especially if you are self-isolating or similar, then you can pretty much choose what that’s going to be right now.

For example, it might be:

  • To completely declutter your home
  • To focus on re-organising or building your business
  • To create a business or “side-hustle” to prevent possible financial hardship
  • To focus on all of your closest relationships and see where things could be healed, improved or completely reinvented
  • To complete a series of “life admin” days where you go through all of your personal to-do items and take care of all of those niggling little things that you’ve been putting off, like descaling the tap, sewing buttons back on, setting up a recycling centre in your home, booking appointments, filing papers, cleaning your car, signing up to courses, etc.
  • To work on your diet, fitness or overall self-care routine 
  • Volunteering or giving support in some capacity

These are just a few examples, but the point is, there are ALWAYS going to be places you can divert your energy and FOCUS it so that there is no room for anything else to creep in and rock your emotional boat.


One really powerful and important final note for this particular post, is that when you do clear and align your energy in this way (by creating and pursuing a focus), your ability to manifest will return with a vengeance.

Right now, if you have been struggling to focus or didn’t realise that a focus was required, chances are that you’ve felt completely out of your power to manifest and create what you want in your life. 

Now you know why!

Choose your focus, start aligning with it and taking action and you will feel back in the driving seat of your life in no time at all!

Once that happens, don’t be at all surprised when the magic and miracles start coming back. 

Don’t just take my word for it – try it and see!


I too have spent the first 2-3 days of this week in the swirling energy I’ve just shared about, which is why I know how it looks and feels!

I got to a point yesterday where I realised just how big of a toll it was starting to take on me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and I declared “no more”.

By this point I had just come across a resource that directed me to this specific piece of knowledge about energy and chaos and how once energy has a focus it starts gravitating towards it.

Life is funny like that – we always seem to find just what we require exactly when we need it.

And so my immediate focus for today has been to start publishing and sharing this kind of information. 

Doing this has created a vortex inside and outside of me that has made today and yesterday feel like night and day when it comes to focus.

Outside of podcasting regularly and blogging daily, I have actually chosen to have a different focus for different times of the day, until I feel that also needs revisiting. So this is how I am doing my life right now.

  1. My spiritual connection – I tapped into something really beautiful yesterday that felt like a true and potent connection with my soul. That story is too much to share for now, and so this will be the focus of tomorrow’s blog post.
  2. Finishing my home detox –  I actually started this before the craziness went down. In recent weeks I’ve detoxed my book collection, my make-up, toiletries and personal care products, my closet, jewellery and accessories, my entire office – bar a few boxes of miscellaneous cuttings and print-outs I need to go through, my bedroom shelves, drawers and bedside chest, and even my son took it upon himself to detox his bedroom yesterday with no parental prompting (imagine that!). And so I have a list of what’s left to be done, and by the time this chapter is over I will be the proud owner of a 100% detoxed home – something I’ve been aspiring to for YEARS!
  3. Supporting my Raw Magic & Mastery community more than I would normally. These ladies signed up to work with me for four months and it’s an epic journey we are on together. Little did we know when the journey began what else would show up along the way. For this kind of time I have to say this particular program is absolutely PERFECT when it comes to creating a high vibrational focus for the immediate present and future. The doors officially closed on Monday, however, should the program resonate with you and you have the time and energy to catch up, then you’re more than welcome to join late (click here), because this program really is the perfect thing to focus on right now, exactly the thing to keep your eyes on the things that matter, and the community of women is truly fabulous. I consider this program the lighthouse of my life right now as I’m also participating personally. PS: For those of you in the US, today the GB£ is at its lowest compared the US$ in 34 years, so this is the best possible pricing for you!
  4. My relationship with my son. Like everyone, he too is navigating his way through this time on a practical level alongside his own personal thoughts and emotions. He is 17 years old now and so his grasp of things is decent enough to have adult conversations and yet the adulting still mostly falls to me. Through spending QT time with him and having real-world conversations in conjunction with discussing why this could be happening on a bigger picture (spiritual) level, we are deepening an already epic bond.
  5. Business as usual. My business is currently 100% virtual. This is a good thing at this time, and automatically means that I don’t have many of the concerns that other business owners may have. For that I am truly grateful, and at the same time, I need to keep on keeping on with my plans and to-do list as if nothing else has happened. Ironically, my next launch was (and remains) a complete raw/vegan business creation program that I’ve been perfecting for years. While some people may be thinking the last thing they want to do is start a new business, I actually think this is the BEST possible time to be focusing on this, and so I think the timing is actually perfect. Creating a business from scratch takes TIME, and time is one thing people have in abundance right now. By the time this virus has bid farewell and life is back to “normal”, having a brand new business to start sharing with the world – especially one that’s health related – is going to be prime time marketing territory as people are going to start putting their health and especially diet, first – which is exactly where it should be. Stay tuned. More coming VERY soon.
  6. My own health and fitness. My gym is still open at time of writing, however, I think this may change soon as the UK government continues to put new rules in place around public places. As of today all schools will be closing on Friday until further notice. Also, because of my own spiritual guidance (see point 1, above), I am thinking/feeling that I may not be going there much longer anyway – at least not for a little while. To be clear, I love the gym, and especially my gym. I go 1-2x per day, 5-6x per week, so this is no small deal for me. However, there is an opportunity presenting for me that right now may look like taking a break from the gym. Time will tell, and I’ll share exactly why tomorrow.


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  1. Karen, I am receiving and receptive now…
    Always in my own time, for sure, but this was just perfect.
    I am having a little review of where I’ve been since the time this was published.
    Feeling good. So glad my focus has been directed all this time – just a week-ish wobbly recently.


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