{Coronavirus Series} Part 2 – Your Own Inner Guidance

{Coronavirus Series} Part 2 – Your Own Inner Guidance

Yesterday in my podcast I talked about how everybody will be having their own personal experience with the current covid-19, no matter where in the world they may live and whether they are your next door neighbour or living on the other side of the world to you.

Well, interestingly, as of this morning I am now experiencing this within my own home, with my son and I being in completely different places internally with events. While he is busy talking to me about stockpiling dried foods (it’s louder than talking, the volume is definitely increasing), I am genuinely not feeling the need to do this. Yet at the same time I am honouring that he has his own fears and as his mother I need to acknowledge those and listen and support him emotionally, as he is trying to find his own way through this as a young man worried about the future. That being said, he has other family members on the same page as him, and they are going down the same rabbit hole of panic. Rather than trying to argue with him or talk him out of it, I am asking him to keep that conversation out of my domain while letting him do his thing. And besides…

The truth is, at this stage, no-one actually knows what’s going to happen.

Things are literally changing all the time. Minds are changing all the time. Behaviours are changing all the time. Local, regional and national rules and enforcements are changing all the time. Hence why I started this series with the importance (understatement) of FOCUS. Without a strong positive focus – or collection of strong positive foci (I shared mine yesterday, here) – I do think individuals will become increasingly lost and upset, and this is when the panic sets in and chaos ensues.

As it happens, Luke and I went supermarket shopping early this morning, not to stockpile, but because we were running out of food as we normally do at this time of the week. We went early because he had to be somewhere at 9am.

I was actually surprised by just how busy the supermarket was. In fact it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it, with a queue at the checkouts stretching along half the width of the store at 7:00am. (And it’s a very big store!)

Because of all the inner work I’ve been doing this week and the peace I reached yesterday, I was able to be in it, but not of it.

Now back at home and with the fridge and cupboards restocked, I am grateful, curious and still committed to stay in my centre as much of the time as I possibly can. So far, so good. Yesterday was definitely a turning point for me.

So, in today’s blog my focus is on you and YOUR personal M.O. during this time.

As mentioned yesterday, we are always at choice. In any moment we can choose love and gratitude, or panic and fear.

I know where I’d rather be and seeing my son in panic and fear is not pleasant to witness or be in the presence of, but as I said, he too is on his own journey with this, and that is exactly my point. We all are.


Before I go anywhere with this conversation, I want to begin by saying that I am no Pollyanna, and yet, some of what I share today and over the coming days/weeks may come across as such. This is because I am consciously choosing to focus on the positive.

I’m going to share two resources with you now that are at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. One will definitely lift you up should you choose to believe it, and the other may worry you further – that is, if you are afraid already. However, ultimately if you really listen to what he is saying, it may actually make you feel more empowered.

Click here to be lifted up

Click here to be empowered

I’m sharing both resources because I think both have value and credibility and it will also reassure you that I am not posting these blogs from some kind of unrelatable hippy paradise where I am out of touch with certain realities.

Like you, I am living in the community, I have bills to pay, personal and professional responsibilities to uphold, a son to look after, my health and his to look after, parents over 70, grandparents in their 90’s – one of whom is already battling cancer and now has a serious chest infection. In fact, earlier today we actually thought he had “the virus” and he was attended to by paramedics.

By the same token, and this is what this article is about, I can also choose how I feel about all of this and how I proceed from here and so can YOU!

  • You can choose what you believe and what you pay attention to.
  • You can choose where you put your time, money and energy.
  • You can choose how generous or conservative you are with these resources.
  • You can choose how you generate more of these things. (Yes, that’s right, you can! I’ll be sharing how in future posts.)

Now is the time to recognise just how much choice you DO have so that if and when you feel more and more choices are being “taken” from you, you can simply go deeper into your own soul connection where you can genuinely feel free, which I briefly wrote about yesterday.

So let’s talk more about this, because I said yesterday that I would share my own experience of soul connection.

This is what I said: “I tapped into something really beautiful yesterday that felt like a true and potent connection with my soul. That story is too much to share for now, and so this will be the focus of tomorrow’s blog post.”

And so here it is…

After spending plenty of quiet time sitting in bed journaling and meditating on Tuesday morning, something powerful came to me about putting myself into a retreat. Note: this is very different from any external anything being put upon me such as “you must be under house arrest for two weeks,” and even if it were, I could (and would) still choose this reframe, regardless.

Essentially my soul was showing me an opportunity, and inviting me to take it, of creating a week or two to create my own personalised retreat at home where I could really self-incubate (not self-isolate!) and spend it in a lot of silence, reflection, gratitude, creativity and whatever else I was guided to do.

With events playing out as they are right now – i.e. changing daily and rapidly at that – I don’t think it’s at all unlikely that I may be making this choice sooner rather than later.

However, the key distinction is that the energy from which I would be coming from would be my own sovereign/source energy rather than victim energy, which is where most people are residing right now.

Don’t get me wrong: I fully understand why, and it’s easy to go there, however, a lot of the reason for this is because wherever most people are sitting energetically is also a point of focus (as per yesterday’s post) and it seems that that’s where the majority are hanging out – therefore a stronger magnetic pull to the victim position.

It takes strength and it will take increasing amounts of strength to not go there.

Therefore, you have to consciously decide where you are going to go instead – hence yesterday’s post, today’s and what will come tomorrow.

After all, if you don’t have anywhere else to go, sooner or later the gravitational pull of victim central will win out and before you know it, it will be your new home in residence.

So how do you gain strength and focus when the rest of the world seems to be losing it?


Whether that’s within conversations (withdrawing your energy or presence), in the circles you normally move in – i.e. being more choosy and potentially finding new groups, or within your immediate, closest relationships… 

The fact is, you CAN gain time, energy and money during this time. And you CAN gain strength and focus, not lose it or struggle to maintain it during this time.

Everything comes down to what you let into your head and what you do with whatever you keep there.

And so, coming full circle, the highest form of guidance and energy that you can allow into your life (and head) at this point in time is the wisdom of your own soul and whatever higher power you may believe in.

As per Elizabeth Peru (see first resource on this page), if you do not use this time to strengthen your relationship with yourself, your soul, your faith and your trust in life, then the days, weeks and months that follow are going to feel like an uphill struggle.

And that’s the very tame version. You know how it’s going to be. In short, it’s going to SUCK.

My intention through this series of blog posts that will continue as long as they need to, is to continue to give you tools, resources, ideas, insights and whatever else is required to help you move through this time in a way that feels calm, centred, poised and in control – regardless.

Yes, there will be challenges. This morning I thought my grandfather was dying and my heart was breaking because he is one of the most wonderful humans on this earth. But it is not at all impossible to stay centred during even the most challenging of times when you know how.

In closing I will share one of my all-time favourite quotes that has given me faith any time I’ve really needed it:

“Everything is happening for you, not to you.”

I do truly believe this.

Right now there is a collective “death” happening across the world that looks and feels ugly, as death so often does.

But out the other side, I truly believe we will witness the most beautiful springtime this millennium has ever seen, and we as individuals will ever see.

It is that that I raise my eyes to.

It is that that I already see coming.

It is that that I make choices and decisions in alignment with.

It is that that enables me to understand that this size, scale and ugliness of “collapse” is necessary for that size, scale and beauty of rebuild.

When you take an aerial view of what is transpiring the final picture is actually beautiful and couldn’t ever be possible without what is happening now. Therefore, everything is happening perfectly.

However, when you focus on the day-today or moment-to-moment drama it all feels pretty intense and hideous… especially if you stay there.


“What you focus on expands.”

So choose wisely and focus on what you want, not what you don’t.

Your mind is way more powerful than perhaps you even know. So keeps those thoughts focused and HIGH!


To be crystal clear, the self-incubation retreat I mentioned above has little to do with the virus, in the obvious sense.

I personally am not afraid of the virus at all. I have a strong immune system and I think I could shake it off pretty quickly. I might be right, I might be wrong, but my point is that this retreat idea has nothing to do with protecting myself from anything.

As the world seems to be on varying degrees of pause, this is THE most potent time to take full advantage.

Have you ever uttered the words, 

“Stop the world, I want to get off!”?

I know I have – more than once!

Well, this is that moment. With just about everything and everyone coming to a standstill, it is not outside the realms of possibility to legitimately claim a self-incubation/soul retreat for yourself.

Sure, you might need to have a few conversations and explain what you’re doing and secure some privacy or put some boundaries in place. It will be different things for different people.

But aside from that, your only main consideration outside of food and drink will be, “How am I going to spend this time exactly?”

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing many very cool ideas for how to do this.

I have plenty of creative ideas for you, and there’s so much opportunity to create a specific curriculum for yourself that will prevent that week or two feeling like an aimless wander through a very odd time.

And so, stay tuned, this will publish tomorrow – just in time for the weekend. Maybe you can use the weekend to plan it all out…

And now onto today’s free gift that will carry you over until then.


With every post I’m going to be sharing a free gift that I feel is pertinent to whatever I’ve been writing about.

This is great news for you as each gift will be juicy, highly usable and valuable, and also it genuinely makes me feel good to gift it. So it’s all a win-win 🙂

There is no opt-in required, just click on the link below and enjoy.

Today’s gift is one of my favourite workbooks (PDF file): Why is this Happening to Me?

This workbook will walk you step-by-step through a truly eye-opening and liberating process that will enable you to understand the bigger picture of anything that may be going on in your life that seems to be making no sense whatsoever. Myself and my clients have used this so many times over the past few years since I first created it. It really is an invaluable tool to use for life, not just at this particular time. That being said, I think this is the perfect time to re-release it, and if you do choose to use it, I’d love to hear what comes out of it for you in the comments section below.

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