{Coronavirus Series} Part 5 – Your New Daily Routine

{Coronavirus Series} Part 5 – Your New Daily Routine

It’s been a powerful few days that’s for sure.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re staying safe and self-isolating wherever and whenever you can.

Today it’s time to talk about your new daily routine.

This is because for a huge percentage of the world, days will now look different due to working from home or not working at all. And then there’s the kids 😉

When it comes to creating a new daily routine for yourself, here’s the different pieces I invite you to consider:

  1. Morning ritual – including time to connect to yourself/journal/pray/meditate/listen for guidance.
  2. Daily focus/goals – always have a clear focus and desired outcome for the day.
  3. Physical activity – this might look like rebounding, home workout, yoga, stretching, running up and down stairs, running outside if you’re keeping social distancing, the list goes on!
  4. Nourishing relationships/communication/community – choose your individuals and groups, make a list and stay connected to those who most matter whether it’s by phone, voice messaging, Facebook, Skype, text, email etc.
  5. Some form of contributionsee yesterday’s post for ideas – this will make you feel that you are doing your part and being part of the solution and transformation that’s upon us.
  6. Getting fresh air – whether this is through getting outside and keeping the social distancing in place, sitting in your garden or even sitting by your open window, getting fresh air and being in touch with Nature is a crucial part of everyone’s day.
  7. Eating fresh food – yes, it’s maybe tempting to buy a larder or freezer full of food that will keep for weeks or months, but I urge you to keep this to a minimum and buy as much fresh produce as possible and to create healthy fresh meals from scratch. Keeping your energy high, your mood positive and your immunity up are all crucial things at this time and what you put in your body is going to affect all of these and much more. Much more on this to come!
  8. Humour & fun – find ways to lighten up, laugh, and de-stress throughout your day, it’s just as important as everything else.
  9. Staying abreast of the news – know what you need to know for your country/state/region, and then resist the temptation to keep tuning in. Personally I check in at the beginning and latter part of each day.
  10. Entertainment/games/reading/films – it’s important that you have down time/distraction time so that you can tune-out completely and allow yourself and your brain to disconnect from all outside pressures, stresses and to-do items.
  11. Alone time – it’s also vital that you find a way, no matter what your circumstances, to have at least 30 minutes per day alone with your own thoughts and feelings.
  12. Extra self-care – this might look like more indulgent showers and baths, more face packs, more relaxation or naps – whatever you require to feel that you are taking the best care of yourself. I would also recommend dressing up rather than dressing down as what you choose to wear will also affect your mood and the way you approach your day significantly. 


Right now I’m still tweaking and adjusting. I lost a lot of time last week through spinning and family-related issues, and most of this weekend has been spent writing, working or attending to my kitchen, home and son.

I think most people are probably feeling like me right now – in principle they know what they need to do, but there’s an adjustment period on a practical and emotional level and these things do take time – often longer than we think – plus the goalposts keep moving. I would imagine that by the end of this week most people will feel like they’re mostly adjusted into their “new normal”, but there will still be some acclimatisation being done all the way into April, I imagine.

From tomorrow I feel like I’ll be getting into my new groove and by the weekend (the end of March – yikes!) I’ll be all set with everything. Normally the gym would be featuring 1-2x per day. But not anymore!

There are so many options for physical exercise in this day and age, so I’ll be doing a whole post on this very thing this coming week as it’s so crucial and important. In fact, I’ll be covering all of the above items that I haven’t covered already.


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Coming tomorrow: Your morning routine – ideas for setting yourself up for the day


I’d love to know…

  • How are you doing your days now?
  • What changes do you plan on making?

Please go ahead and share unreservedly in the comment section below.

Please remember: This isn’t about me… this is about inspiring each other 🙂 Share your ideas with others and everyone benefits. Plus it feels good! And I really DO want to hear from you…

And if you feel this has brought value to your life and you want to share this post, YES! Please do. Thank you in advance. I want this series to reach as many people as possible because it’s as divinely inspired as can be and it fuels me to keep going. Merci!

Final message for today: Stay safe, self-isolate wherever possible and really take extra good care of yourself.

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