{Coronavirus Series} Part 6 – Your Morning Ritual

{Coronavirus Series} Part 6 – Your Morning Ritual

Yesterday I talked about your new daily routine.

Today and for the rest of this week I’m going to be going into more detail for each of the different pieces of the daily routine I outlined there in that post. 

Therefore, today we’re talking piece #1 Morning Routine/Ritual.

At this time more than ever, I believe it’s vital that we each start our day with clear, quiet, private time. We need to centre within ourselves before we get out of bed and be/do/have anything.

I know it’s tempting to grab the phone or turn on the news, but honestly, it’s not the right way to start AND you have plenty of time for that!

The most potent thing you can do when you wake is to come round slowly, and then grab a pen and paper or journal and take a moment to connect with your conscious self and how you are feeling.

If you’re an experienced journaler you probably don’t need me to tell you what to do here, but if you’re not or you simply want some ideas, then here’s a few to get you started:

  • Ask yourself the question, “How am I feeling?” and answer really honestly – just own whatever is true for you on that day
  • Journal about what happened yesterday to process it out and reflect on what already transpired
  • Use your journal to process what you need to do in the coming day and how you feel about that
  • Use your journal to write lists or plan things out – this will declutter your mind and give you some structure for the coming day
  • If you’re also a meditator, you may choose to keep your journal open and return to it after mediating to record what came through and then to process that

In terms of time, for myself, I find that sometimes a 5 minute journaling session can be enough, while on other days I need up to 30 minutes. There are no rules, just take the time that you need. You will likely find that this is THE most grounding and supportive exercise of your entire day.

After journaling, I recommend praying or meditating or reading spiritual/religious texts. In fact, you may choose to do all three!

Personally I tend to meditate as a given and then I’ll add prayer in as I feel so-called, and I’ll read or listen to an audio book if I have the time or inclination. 

Once of the best free resources I can give you for meditation is an app called Insight Timer.

Although to my mind it has the oddest name, Insight Timer is an incredible resource. it is literally FULL of free meditations and meditation music. My favourite teacher on the app so far is Sarah Blondin. Check her out, she is amazing!

Finally, I recommend that you spend some time asking and listening for guidance. This can be done via journaling, meditation, praying or any other method that personally works for you. I do think that during this time, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of receiving guidance, because it’s always available to you, and all you have to do is ask (and it shall be given). You can also use this time to ask how you can be best of service today, which ties into the contribution piece.


I already have a pretty comprehensive morning routine and I follow it every morning pretty much religiously.

Here it is:

The rest I’ll maybe talk about another time 🙂


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I’d love to know…

  • How are you going to do your mornings moving forward?
  • What resources would you like to recommend to others reading this post?

Please go ahead and share unreservedly in the comment section below.

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Final message for today: Sending much love and enjoy tomorrow morning!

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1 thought on “{Coronavirus Series} Part 6 – Your Morning Ritual”

  1. Funny… First thing I did this morning was pick up my phone to read your blog 😉

    Normally my morning ritual is similar to what you wrote… I start with a slow wake up and stretch, meditation, the tip off and then the journaling and day planning is done with a cup of coffee…

    It’s good to have a ritual in the morning… We all need to maintain the morning routine also… Especially those now working from home for the first time…

    Thanks for the blog… Passed on to colleagues to help them also… Big help 🙂

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