{ARTICLE} Defining “Success” on a Raw Food Diet

{ARTICLE} Defining “Success” on a Raw Food Diet

How does one define what “success” looks like on raw food?

To me, like a lot of “stuff” about raw food, this is very subjective. I have always maintained (and this is a personal philosophy) that the concept of “Successfully Raw” is essentially about each individual feeling happy and healthy about where they are at with themselves and their raw food intake for THEM. Others see it as being about “100% or nothing” and staying there, but again, this is a personal perspective to them. Knowing people the way I have come to, getting to that place that I see as being “Successfully Raw” is effectively stage one and vital for everyone to find some place of equilibrium if only for a few weeks or months. After all, if we are not happy and healthy and stable within ourselves first, what on earth are we building on?

For this reason much of my early days coaching with people has revolved around helping people just to get into awareness, comfort and stability with themselves and their food before moving on to higher raw, and I have found this works very well for myself and others. In effect – let ANYTHING be OK. And that means ANYTHING. Whether you are munching on French fries 24/7 when you’re trying to go raw, or running to the cookie jar every time your emotions get the better of you, do know that the chances are that you will struggle to go high raw or beyond until you make peace with where you’re at first. So: “Let ANYTHING be OK”.

Even just these words sometimes are enough for a client to shed a tear or two, especially if they were trying SO HARD to be 100% raw and it just wasn’t happening.

When you let anything be OK you become your own best friend rather than your worst enemy, and it is so much easier to move forward easily then, rather than to remain constantly locked in a Jekyll and Hyde type situation around food.

In fact I have to constantly remind people that the first leg of my journey took FIVE years. Most people these days are trying to go raw within 5 weeks or 5 months… which is fine for some (some people even do it overnight), but for most this is simply not the case. And anyway – How raw is raw? That again is very subjective. I say YOU decide. Unless you do I don’t believe you will find that peace and happiness that is so needed for you to evolve peacefully and gracefully on your journey.

So for this week (this will be a subject I will revisit more in the future I’m sure, there’s so much more to say)…

If “Successfully Raw” meant being 100% happy and healthy with yourself and your raw food intake, how do you rate yourself for this right now, today?

Just write down the first figure out of 100 that springs to mind.

If you scored less than 100 and are ready for more, now dig a little deeper with this and ask yourself:

“What needs to happen to bring me and my food to where I want them to be?”

And see what answers you get.

What you hear may be as simple as a mind or belief shift, or some practical steps being taken in your home, kitchen or other environment or re-connecting to your passion for raw living, or maybe upgrading or tweaking other areas of your life so that you can find that place of peace within yourself. It really can be anything.

Just know that, as far as I’m concerned, as long as you’re genuinely happy and healthy with where you’re at in Self and raw food terms then in my eyes you’re Successfully Raw plus some 🙂


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