{High Vibrational Business} How to Figure Out YOUR Ideal Client in 2 Minutes or Less

{High Vibrational Business} How to Figure Out YOUR Ideal Client in 2 Minutes or Less

I wanted to post a quick but valuable Business Coaching Tip today to help you with something that I know ALL of us can struggle with at various points in our business journey. (And I do mean ALL…)

Yes, I’m talking IDEAL CLIENT.

Why this, why now?

A couple of reasons:

  1. I’m currently working with a number of new 1:1 clients who have been really struggling to pinpoint their ideal client (some for years).

  2. I had a massive epiphany myself this past weekend when I ran my free 2019 Business Vision Virtual Workshop. This epiphany has literally changed everything that I’m going to do around my business coaching and the marketing of it, moving forward.

So yes, it’s INVALUABLE!

And so I thought, as you have elected to receive high-vibe business information from me at some point, that you’d appreciate the tip a much as I have. (It won’t just save you a ton of time, energy and potentially frustration… it will DEFINITELY enable you to attract perfect-fit clients AND help you to make a lot more money too.)

So here goes…

This is the power question I want you to ask yourself:

“If you went to thinnest end of the wedge re: the people you want to work with, what is the most “extreme” thing THEY have in common psychographically-speaking and what is the THING that you BOTH love, are passionate about and that puts you in your zone of genius?”

Note: “psychographically-speaking” refers to the personality trait/s or behaviours people have that are unusual or rare, that really work for you, that you love and appreciate about them, and that are non-negotiable in those you work with at the highest level.

Want some elaboration? Here’s my own big epiphany laid out for you.

I have been passionate about coaching and mentoring both new and experienced business owners for over a decade now. During this time I have coached literally thousands of men and women to create, build and/or evolve either a raw food business or a business that you and I would consider to be “high vibrational” (i.e. it makes the world a better place).

What I thought was true for me about my ideal client (before this weekend) was simply that if they wanted to create a High Vibrational Business, that was enough.

But after this weekend, and also compounded by a conversation I’ve had since then, I had a startling realisation.

Before I go any further, let me give you a heads up:

If you’re honest with this process, yours will be startling too!

(So you may or may not want to continue!)

That being said, I promise you, being this honest will pay dividends – both to you and your future clients – because you will both feel as if you’re in exactly the right place, and you’ll never have to “suck it up” around less-than-perfect clients in an intimate scenario ever again.

So back to my example…

My big realisation was that my ideal clients are primarily women (although there is the occasional male exception) who are 110% committed to creating, building and evolving a High Vibrational Business that changes thousands or millions of lives and that leaves a legacy.

Did you notice the difference?

It’s the 110% commitment part + the impact that’s different… and for me (and them) it changes EVERYTHING.

We all come to a stage in our journey where we have to re-evaluate if who we thought were ideal clients really are ideal anymore.

How do we know when we’re at this point? Usually it’s signposted by some level of disappointment and/or frustration. You can feel as if you’re the one doing all the heavy lifting and you wonder if your clients actually want what they say they want, because evidence would suggest that they don’t! (I know you’ve been there…) Or you just know you have so much more to share, but you just can’t share it because the basics are still being mastered.

And to be crystal clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop working with non-ideal clients in any capacity; we are just more considered about how much 1:1 time they receive (if any) and which specific channels we employ to help and support them. (I’ll send you a follow-up article about this on Thursday, so that you have some clever and effective ideas for how to tier your work in a way that enables you to help more people while preserving your precious time and energy for ideal clients only.)

What this looks like for me moving forward:

1:1 clients must fit the criteria above – no exceptions

Your High Vibrational Business program members (the year-long program that just started last Friday) will be ideal clients AND those who don’t yet know how much of an impact they want to make, but DO want a fabulous HVB.

And finally, something I want to give you a heads-up about because there will be very limited places… A few short months from now I’m going to be unveiling an off-the-charts book writing program (which includes a luxurious 5-day writing retreat in Mexico!), and this will be for ONLY ideal clients. (If you want to be on the first-to-know list and to register your interest AND you’re an ideal client ; ) see below.)

Can you see how much clearer all of us are now, now that I’ve got clear and laid it out in this way?

So now it’s your turn!

Here’s that question again for you:

“If you went to thinnest end of the wedge re: the people you want to work with, what is the most “extreme” thing THEY have in common psychographically-speaking and what is the THING that you BOTH love, are passionate about and that puts you in your zone of genius?”

I’m serious when I say to you “post below and let me know” what you come up with off the back of this exercise.

I will personally read every comment, and also personally reply with any hint, tips or thoughts that you share with me to add some value.

Just the fact that you are reading this article means that you are interested in creating or evolving a HVB, so rest assured I will continue to post content like this over the coming year to support you in your mission regardless of whether you work with me personally or not.

Sending much love and, again, let me know if this helped you!

I’ll be back with the second part on Friday, and check out the links below in case any are of interest and a perfect-fit for you and your business needs at this time.

Karen xo



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