{High Vibrational Business} What To Do With Ideal Clients & Not-So-Ideal Clients

{High Vibrational Business} What To Do With Ideal Clients & Not-So-Ideal Clients

A couple of days ago I shared with my subscribers and also posted here on my blog a powerful coaching tip around how to get crystal clear on your Ideal Client in two minutes or less. The feedback I’ve received since then has been brilliant – so thank you for that. That was exactly my intention! I know how tricky this particular area can be.

If you missed that first part of this two-part series about Ideal Clients, you can find Part 1 here.

In that first article I promised a follow-up article about how to discern how to work with Ideal Clients and not-so-Ideal Clients in different ways, so that you can get it right and also “protect” your precious time and energy in self-honouring ways. 

As you will know from your own experience, Ideal Clients generally fuel you, while non-Ideal Clients tend to drain you. It goes without saying that you want to keep Ideal Clients close, and keep non-Ideal further away 😉

Now before we go any further… To be clear, this isn’t about non-Ideal Clients being “bad” people or anything remotely like it! Indeed, for other service providers these clients might be absolutely perfect, they’re just not perfect for YOU right now.

The truth is that when you feel your energy drain, it is simply a sign that energetically you and the client concerned are not a perfect fit – hence why you lose energy with such clients. If you can keep it that simple (which it really and truly is), then you can rely on your internal guidance system to discern who is a great fit for you, and who is better suited to another coach, or perhaps another of your less up-close-and-personal programs.

So with this said, here are my recommendations:

STEP 1: Get clear on your Ideal Client statement as per my previous article. My own example from last time was: “My Ideal (Business Coaching) Client is a woman who is 110% committed to creating, building and evolving a High Vibrational Business that changes thousands or millions of lives, and that leaves a legacy.” As a side note, what I have also learned about myself is that I am not at all attached as to whether that client is brand new in business or has been operating for many years. What matters most to me is her genuine level of commitment, the depth of her why, and the scale of her vision. You will find that your clarity deepens also, once you know where you are starting from. Those powerful nuances just keep on coming!

STEP 2: In the light of what you now know, make a list of up to 10 current and/or previous clients. Write down their names, and then next to each name write a letter as a way to “grade” them in terms of perfect-fit. So, for example, “A” means “perfect-fit client” while “B” means “almost perfect but not quite”, “C” means “happy to support them but not close to perfect”, “D” means “happy to help them in some way, but not to work with intimately” and “E” would mean “refer on, not a fit at all”. As you work your way through the list, ask yourself what makes that person score that particular grade for you. The more you reflect on each person and the grade you have assigned to them, the more clarity you will have about what works for you (and them) and what doesn’t. It really is invaluable. Side note: If you feel this is in any way judgmental or negative, please remember that you are grading them purely on compatibility with you and your service – not on them as a person! You owe it to every client and yourself to be honest about compatibility so that everyone gets what they need and is happy and thriving.

STEP 3: Now it’s time to tier your offers. Whether you already have clear-cut offers within your business or not, this is the time to get clear. There are many options here, and in fact some business owners choose to only have ONE offer and ONLY work with Ideal Clients, and that’s that. Conversely, other business owners have multiple offerings, and multiple formats, and multiple tiers, and while it makes for a lot more work, it does mean that most types of clients will have somewhere to go if they want to work with you and learn from you. So you do need to know what you really want to do and your preferred business model.

Here are some examples of different types of offers if you need some elaboration.

These start with the most intimate and work down to the options where you would not interact with the client at all:

  • High-end 1:1

  • High-end Group Program

  • In-Person Retreat

  • General Online/Offline Group Program

  • Live Class/Workshop

  • Membership Program with some live interaction 

  • Membership Program with no live interaction

  • Membership Program with no interaction at all

  • Home study program

  • eBook/Print book


As you can see, there are lots of different options here and this list is not exhaustive. Personally, I would have “A” clients for the High-end 1:1, “A” and potentially some “B” clients in High-end Group and Retreat situations, and then go from there.

So now that you have the 3-step process, it’s over to you!

Please remember, there are no rules here. It’s completely up to you as to whether you work only with “A” clients, or whether you go to “B’s” “C’s” and beyond. Whatever you decide it should make you feel good, so if in doubt, feel it out!

Have fun and let me know how you get on!

Karen xo


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