How to Celebrate International Raw Food Day This Year

How to Celebrate International Raw Food Day This Year

International Raw Food Day is coming! 

Each year on 11th July people from all around the world gather together online and offline to celebrate the life-giving and health-restoring properties of nutritious and delicious raw and “living” food. This day is an opportunity to spend some quality time really thinking about how we nourish our bodies – we are what we eat, remember?! – and to give thanks for the abundance and diversity of amazing plant foods that we are blessed with on this planet. 

Wherever you live in the world and whether you are completely new to raw food or a long-time enthusiast, International Raw Food Day is a day for you and those you love to enjoy raw food and the pleasures of eating for wellness like never before! 

It’s also IRFD’s 10 year anniversary! So even more reason to celebrate this year.

I invite you to get into the spirit of International Raw Food Day and help spread the word by choosing one or more of the following celebratory activities: 

  • Download your free copy of Go Raw for a Day! via the International Raw Food Day page – this will give you and anyone else you’d like to inspire everything required to know to go raw for 24 hours in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. 
  • Make every member of your household a raw food packed lunch and/or serve a special raw smoothie for breakfast. 
  • Take a raw hamper into work to share with your work colleagues. This might include a fruit bowl or fruit salad, a big bottle of juice, some crudités with a raw dip and some raw cookies or cake. This is your chance to show off and have fun all at once. It certainly will be a work lunch to remember! 
  • Hold an IRFD party at your home or at a friend’s house and make some irresistible raw food for your guests – get inspiration using the Go Raw for a Day! eBook, by getting hold of a copy of my 20 Raw Food Recipes eBook or by pulling your own favourite raw food recipe book.
  • Come and join my free VIRTUAL workshop on Saturday 11th July – click here to read all about it.
  • Host a “potluck” where everyone brings their favourite raw dish. It’s a fun way to share recipes and meet like-minded people. You can advertise it on 
  • Go to a raw food restaurant for at least one meal – maybe that one you’ve been promising yourself a visit to for months, or even years!
  • Give a talk or raw food demo at your local health centre or favourite group about the wonders of raw food and your experience of it. 
  • Get in touch with the media and be a raw spokesperson or host a raw lunch for a journalist. 
  • Write about your IRFD experience on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and share photos of the recipes that you made. 
  • If you’re in the raw food business, create a special offer for a period around July 11th to encourage people and get them excited. 

Why not come and join my free Facebook Community to celebrate together with the group? We’re going to be doing lots of fun things in there 🙂 Click here to join.

All details are now up at

Use the link above to gain immediate access to Go Raw for a Day! plus the other amazing gifts which will be made available on the 11th July.

So what are you going to be doing this International Raw Food Day? We’d love to hear what your plans are by posting in the comments section below.

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  1. Leading my 1st raw food/juice cleanse starting on the 11th! Eek! Will be great to have so many resources available and the community excitement to get everyone hyped up! Yay! xx

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