Dear Soul-Sister,

How does it feel to be different?

How does it feel to know that (apparently) not everyone else in the world thinks, feels and acts like you do – like life matters, it’s yours for the creation, and that being alive is a wonderful and sacred gift.

Welcome to High Vibrational Living!

You have likely always lived high vibrationally, but didn’t necessarily realise that you were doing it… mostly because you were doing it on your own.

It doesn’t have to be like this a second longer!

I would like you to consider HVL101 as your new spiritual home.

High Vibrational Living 101 has been specially created to offer an amazing combination of trainings, programs, inspiration, coaching, guidance, resources, get-it-done-days and a truly wonderful community of like-minded women, to give you everything you need to make whatever transformations and upgrades you desire in your life.

So whether you want to…

  • get much more organised
  • increase your energy
  • clean up your diet
  • transform your body
  • receive an exciting new vision for yourself
  • gain clarity
  • receive the support you need to take action
  • make new friends
  • get help staying on track
  • overcome a challenge
  • take a big leap or do something radical
  • learn how to be more positive
  • step into a higher version of yourself
  • or completely change your life!

High Vibrational Living 101 is here to help you do just that!



First, let’s take a look at your Starter Kit!

The moment you become a member, you receive INSTANT ACCESS to all of these goodies via email:

 1 // “How to Connect with Your Soul” Power Training.

This first-step Power Training comprises of an audio + workbook to help you to connect for the first time or at a deeper level with your Soul. You will find this extremely beneficial and important for your entire HVL journey and is must-know information. (Ahem, understatement!) Your entire high vibrational living journey is truly masterminded by your Soul.


2 // “How to Create a High Vibrational Life” Workbook & Meditation.

Use this workbook alone, or with the help of the guided meditation, to get clear on which aspect of your life you want to upgrade next. You can use this process over and over again with as many areas of your life as you feel so-called. And it’s such a cool approach to doing it – I guarantee, you’ll love it!


3 // “The 24 Areas of High Vibrational Living” Power Training.

This thorough introduction to the 24 Areas gives you the opportunity to take a careful look at each of the 24 Areas of your life as they currently stand AND to get clear on how you want that Area to look instead. This is a GREAT workbook to use at the start of your journey or any time you feel that your life is losing its sparkle. The audio will also give you lots of great ideas for how to take each area to a higher vibrational place.


4 // “How to Know if it’s a Definite ‘YES'” Workbook.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is REAL! Literally every day of your life you will be presented with opportunities, programs, invitations, exciting distractions and all manner of things that could (and will!) take you off your game – if you let them. This workbook is a Godsend! Use this workbook any time you are about to spend a significant amount of money, make a big decision, or say “yes” to anything that you’re not quite sure about. 


5 // “How to Come Up with A Squealicious Vision for Yourself” Workbook.

This fun 7-page guide and workbook walks you step-by-step through how to come up with an amazing new vision/goal/desire/dream for yourself any time you want one! If your life feels stale, if you want a juicy project to work on, or if you want to feel stretched or to take a leap, this unique process will show you exactly how to come up with whatever you feel you are missing. 


6 // Start of Week Planner & End of Week Review Sheets

To make it as easy as possible to bring your goals and dreams to life, as part of your HVL101 membership, you receive planner pages every month and also as part of your Starter Kit.

At the end of every month you will receive a fresh set of planner pages for the coming month, so that you can create and map out the next month feeling clear, excited and knowing exactly what’s coming, what you need to get done and – just as importantly – how you are going to stay and go even higher-vibe in the way that you’re living and moving forward in your life.

You receive your Start-of-Week Planner pages document and your End-of-Week Review sheet right away as part of your Starter Kit.

These will assist you in breaking your goals down and staying on track. The weekly pages do not change as they work for every week of the year and are not date-sensitive, unlike the monthly pages which have a monthly calendar built into them.

I recommend that you use them every Sunday as an awesome way to set yourself up for an amazing week ahead! When you use these unique monthly and weekly planner pages, you’ll be AMAZED at how much more you achieve and how much more fun you have doing so! Plus, did I say how much FUN they are to fill in? Of course they are! Everything high-vibe has to feel FUN.


And then, this is what you receive EACH AND EVERY MONTH!


 1 // 1x “1-Hour to High-Vibe Your Life” Mini Project.

These are BRAND-NEW to HVL101 and I’m so excited about them! Consider these your monthly baby-steps to creating a higher-vibe life for yourself. Every month you’ll receive a downloadable project book with a short accompanying audio and your invitation is to spend an hour making-over that month’s focus area so that you can high-vibe it tout-de-suite! Future topics include: Your Bath & Shower Area; Your Skincare & Make-Up; Your Bedroom Nightstand; Your Weekly Schedule; Your To-Do List; Your Purse/Wallet; Your Cell Phone; Your Everyday Handbag; Your Underwear Drawer; Your Shoes & Bags; Your Office Desk; Your Filing System; Your Money Systems; Your Regular Subscriptions; Your Monthly Expenses; Your Book Collection; Your Music Collection; Your Junk Drawer; Your Computer Files. You get the idea!


2 // 1x “Power Training” Workbook & LIVE Training Call (Recorded).

Every month we dive deep into an aspect of High Vibrational Living that will make every bit of difference to your life. These Power Trainings give you the opportunity to work through some or all of the workbook live on the line with me, and an opportunity to have your questions answered. All calls are recorded so you won’t miss out! Future topics include: How to Create a Perfect Day for Yourself; How to Bring More Money into Your Life; How to Close 2018 in Style; What is Your Life Trying to Tell You?; How to Know if You’re TRULY Ready; How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself; How to Take Your Diet to the Next Level; How to Make Space for Magic; How to Organise Absolutely Anything; How to Deepen Your Relationship; And more!


3 // 2x LIVE Q&A + Coaching Calls with Karen

You will have questions! You will sometimes want help, or a listening ear, or to share a breakthrough or success, or to let us know about something cool that you got out of a monthly workbook… Or sometimes you will just want to hang out with your HVL101 Soul Sisters and listen in. These Q&A Calls happen twice per month and run for 75 minutes. All calls are recorded and you can post questions, celebrations and updates in advance if you can’t make the call live. You can join the calls through your phone or computer and it’s all very easy and fun to do! This is your opportunity to get more out of your membership by being more active in the community and asking for what you need. I am here to help you in whatever way I can, and no question is “wrong”! Come and join us!


4 // 1x Guided Meditation (Audio).

Also new to HVL101! I have been told many times that my meditations really help women to relax, get clear, and to receive the divine guidance they are seeking. How wonderful will it be then to have a LIBRARY of meditations – one for every occasion – that you can just listen to on your computer, iPod or cellphone every time you need a helping hand to feel a certain way? Upcoming meditations include: Best Day Ever; The Perfect Intention; Feel Better Now; Release Worry & Stress; Attract Money Easily; Feel Happy Now; Clear Your Mind; Gain Crystal Clarity; A Great Night’s Sleep; The Perfect Solution; Feel Energetic; Birth A Great Idea; See Your Beauty; Celebrate Yourself; Send Love to Others; Receive Divine Inspiration; Prepare for a Leap; You Can Do It!; Relax into Trust; Get Yourself Moving!… And more!


5 // Your Monthly Support Package  

Every month you will receive via email:

  • Monthly Newsletter – On the last day of every month
  • Monthly End-of-Month Review Form
  • Monthly Start-of-Month Planner Pages
  • Weekly Newsletter – Every Sunday updating you on what’s coming and what you might have missed
  • HVL101 Challenge/Invitation – Posted to the Facebook Group every Monday morning

All of these pieces are crucial to keep you plugged-in, in the know and connected to me and each other.


All this for JUST £20* (Approx. $26) per month!

* Plus VAT for those in the EU

Total value = £150 (Approx. $197) per month!

(And yes, this price INCLUDES the Starter Kit!)


If you want even more, to go for GOLD and become a Lifetime Member…

Lifetime membership includes ALL of the above PLUS:

LIFETIME 1 // The 5 CORE Next Level Programs

Valued at well over £500 ALONE, each of these programs will assist you in moving to the next level in the areas of making space, cleaning up your body, gaining crystal clarity on your dreams and desires, making time for what matters most, and completely reinventing yourself!

The five self-study programs that you will receive are:

  1. Make Space for Magic
  2. High Vibrational Eating
  3. Your High Vibrational Dream
  4. Make Time for Magic
  5. High Vibrational YOU

You will receive High Vibrational Eating and Make Space for Magic in October 2018, Your High Vibrational Dream in December 2018, Make Time for Magic in January 2019, and High Vibrational YOU in March 2019.

Each program comprises of self-paced workbooks + audios, and is fun, powerful, refreshingly unique and absolutely life-changing. You will find yourself returning to these programs over and over again.

LIFETIME 2 // The 4 Seasonal Reset Programs

For Lifetime Members only, at every turn of the season there will a 6-week LIVE reset program tied specifically into the energy of that season.

Each live program comprises of 4 modules and 6 weekly 1-hour calls.

The 4 programs are:

  1. My Autumn Release
  2. My Winter Reflection
  3. My Spring Renewal
  4. My Summer Reinvention

My Autumn Release starts on Thursday 4th October 2018 when we’ll be diving into Module 1 of the program.

If you are feeling the call to do some serious releasing and clearing right now, then sign up for Lifetime and you’ll be in from the beginning and in on an amazing adventure!

LIFETIME 3 // 5x 4-Hour LIVE Virtual “Make-it-Happen” Workshops Per Year

Over the course of the year, Lifetimers will be able to take action LIVE with me and fellow Lifetimers to make big shifts in one of the 5 Next Level areas. 

Over the course of 4 hours we’ll make massive movement on one of these five areas:

  1. Making space
  2. Getting healthier
  3. Clarifying goals and dreams
  4. Taking action
  5. Raising the overall vibration of one or more areas of your life

Each workshop will be run live on Zoom (so we can see each other!). Once we begin, you’ll be guided through your assignment/s for the workshop, given any relevant handouts, and then we’ll hang up, crack on with the fun assignment at hand, and then we’ll reconvene either towards the end of the session, or periodically for ultimate fun and accountability!

We’re going to kick off our virtual workshop journey together on Saturday 1st December 2018 where we’ll be beginning with (5) – Raising vibration. We’ll be focused on dreaming into a new overall vibration for your life ready for an incredible 2019 and making the plans to bring that vibration to life. I can’t wait!


LIFETIME 4 & 5 // Additional Lifetimer Benefits  

Being a Lifetime member signifies your investment in this work and your passion for it, and so there are always extra rewards!

Additional benefits that you receive for investing in yourself in this way are:

  • The opportunity to move into higher levels of working with me more closely (E.g. The High Vibrational Woman Initiation Program)
  • Discounts on future HVL products (merchandise)

As you can see, Lifetime membership is absolutely rocking!

You will not find anything like this anywhere in the world – and you will come to see your Lifetime membership as your single greatest investment! 

Become a Lifetimer for JUST £1297* (Approx. $1682) 

* Plus VAT for those in the EU

Total value = Over £3000 in just the first year!


Why should I join HVL101?

In short, you secure a sacred, precious container for yourself. A place to come 24/7 where you can connect with women of a like-mind – women who are on a conscious path of growth, women who aspire to live a better, higher-vibrational life, women who are committed to being true to themselves and their inner guidance and living by it, and women who are always looking for more. 

You may or may not already have women like this in your life, but if you don’t, then having a community like this to belong to, can and will make all of the difference! You don’t have to feel alone. 

It’s also about having the specific tools, teaching, guidance and resources to be able to keep yourself aiming high, thinking big and holding yourself accountable to your dreams. And then there’s the ongoing inspiration – the monthly resources – the 1-Hour to High-Vibe Your Life mini-projects, the more in-depth Power Training calls and accompanying workbooks, and the monthly meditations will enable you to move your life forward in many amazing ways, and provide resources to draw on over and over again for months and years to come. Plus the coaching from me will enable you to receive specific ideas, inspiration, recommended resources and guidance for your life.

Can I just join for a month and see if HVL101 is for me?

Yes, absolutely! When you join you will gain immediate access to all of the Starter Kit, and a link to join the Facebook Group where you will access all of the future content. You receive your monthly investment back immediately just through receiving the Starter Kit! You have up to 27 days to let my team know if HVL101 isn’t for you, and we will cancel your membership and you won’t be billed for any future months. Please note that we do not offer refunds on any memberships (monthly or lifetime), but we know you will love what you receive, so I don’t think you need to worry about that! Once you’re a member you can also upgrade to Lifetime at any time.

What’s the main difference between Monthly & Lifetime membership?

Monthly membership is a great all-around package that delivers something new to you just about every week. It’s a great place to start if you are new to me or my work, so you can dip your toe in the water and see what HVL101 is all about. 

The Lifetime membership is for those who already know that they want everything they can possibly get! It includes all of the past content (that’s 12 additional Power Trainings), the five CORE programs, the four seasonal programs, the five virtual workshops per year, and discounts on future HVL merchandise. The total value of all that you receive in your first year is a staggering £3060! For those who know they are in it for the long-term, it offers tremendous value and is a perfect fit for anyone who is serious about their journey.

Just think about it for a moment… the investment in Lifetime is the same as people have invested with me for a year-long program in the past and you receive almost 3x return on your financial investment in just the first year. Lifetime is a no-brainer if you’re committed to your high vibrational living journey and securing these amazing goodies for as long as the program exists!

How can I get an idea of the quality of content and materials?

If you’ve never listened to any of my free training calls before you can access one here – this will give you an idea of how I run my calls and the quality of content that I put out. If you’ve never looked at one of my workbooks before, check out any of those listed on my FREE GIFTS page and you’ll see the exact quality and style that all of the HVL101 handouts will come to you in. And don’t forget, you can sign up for just one month at a very low investment. So if for any reason you don’t feel HVL101 is for you, you can cancel within 27 days, your membership will cease, and you won’t be charged again. 

PS: Please remember that all of your monthly materials are learn-at-your-own-pace, so you don’t need to attend any live calls or need to “catch-up” because this is all up to you!

Ready to Join Us?

Ready to start creating and living your High Vibrational Life? 

Simply select your preferred option from the choices below, and I look forward to officially welcoming you into the HVL101 community very soon!

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