{ARTICLE} Juicing Made Simple

{ARTICLE} Juicing Made Simple

Think juicing is tedious? Too much washing up? Not getting your daily greens in because it all seems like too much hard work? It’s time to make juicing real simple.

If there’s one lifestyle booster that’s going to benefit you in every aspect of your life – from the way you look to the way you think and feel, then developing a quick and easy juicing routine has to be it.

Why do I believe this so strongly? Because fresh, live juices pack a big nutritional punch AND they hit your bloodstream quickly – it really is the ultimate way to nourish yourself and cleanse simultaneously. Both of these things are going to bring more health and vitality to every cell of your being, resulting in way more benefits than you may yet even know.

When you feel juicy, you live juicy!

What do you need?

First of all, to be clear, when I say “juicing” usually I am referring to are fruits, leafy greens or vegetables. Of course wheatgrass, herbs, wild greens and other juicer-friendly ingredients are just as relevant here too – and I encourage you to experiment with and use all of those, but to keep things simple, normally I encourage people to begin with good old fashioned fruits, leafy greens and vegetables – it really depends on how experienced you are and what you feel confident using and experimenting with.

When it comes to the actual juicing, below I have listed out all the things you’ll need to have to make this as quick and easy for yourself as possible. I’ve kept this list short and to the point, nothing is superfluous here, and I don’t see any reason to add to it!

Suggested Juicing Workstation “Kit”

  • Juicer of choice (electric juicers are much quicker, and usually you do get what you pay for. As new makes and models are coming out regularly I recommend that you ask around at potlucks, classes or forums as to what other people are using and why. Personally I have stuck with my trusty Champion juicer for years and have no need or desire to change – but that doesn’t mean it’s still the best on the market!
  • Jug for collecting juice
  • Bowl for collecting pulp
  • Sharp knife and chopping board for preparing produce
  • Large bowl or container for holding prepared produce
  • Bowl of hot soapy water for rinsing juicer after using (or dishwasher – even better!)


My Juicing Made Simple Prep Routine

I am well known for making things as quick and easy as possible. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I’m famous for it. Not because I’m lazy – far from it – but simply because I don’t have the time or inclination to spend an hour making a drink when I could be doing other things. I suspect that I’m not alone…

As such, I’ve come to develop a juicing routine that literally takes just a handful of minutes – from start to finish, including cleaning up. And this is the sole reason why, when someone asks for a juice, or I go to make one, I don’t have to take a deep breath or heave a huge sigh before rolling up my sleeves and psyching myself up for an hour of chopping and plunging.

If you’d like such a routine for yourself then I’m excited to share mine with you.

You’ll love how simple it really is, in fact, I don’t think it could be any simpler, other than to go to the store and buy it!

Step 1) Assemble your Juicing Workstation Kit, as above.

Step 2) Gather together your chosen ingredients in a large bowl and give them a quick but thorough wash under the tap. Rinse and drain, so they stay in the bowl.

Step 3) Top, tail and pit your produce as necessary.

Step 4) Put everything through the juicer, decanting from the collecting jug as you go, if necessary.

Step 5) Pour your juice into a large jug or a drinking glass, depending on quantity.

Step 6) Dismantle the juicer into to your large (now empty) produce bowl, removing all of the pulp lurking inside and adding into your pulp bowl. Pour all pulp into compost or store in fridge to use in recipes later.

Step 7) Put all the remaining jugs, bowls, knives etc, into the large bowl and carry to the sink.

Step 8) Either wash everything quickly under a fast-running tap or put into a dishwasher after a quick rinse.

Step 9) Drink and enjoy your juice – you’ve earned it!

Yes, it really can be this easy!


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