{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Make Space for Magic Fears

{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Make Space for Magic Fears

If you’ve been reading my posts and eZines recently, you’ll know that I’ve been mostly thinking and talking about space making for a couple of weeks now.

Earlier today I ran a free training call around this (if you missed it, you can gain instant access to the recording here), and I have to say that sharing deeper information about this stuff is one of my most favourite things to do!

You see, as I mentioned previously, when you combine raw food with space clearing, super-magic happens.

And I’m not talking about “eat a few grapes and clean a few counter tops and magic shall be yours” (!) because that’s not how it works – at all.

One of the secrets I briefly touched upon during the call but will go a little deeper into here is, the importance of going to your EDGE with this.

You see, we all have them…

And what I mean by this is that place where, once you get near to it, you start to get jittery and want to stay where you are, or even back away, because going to your edge means going to that scary place that you’ve been dancing around for weeks, or months, or even years.

But that’s not to say that your edge is a bad place – not at all. In fact, quite the opposite. Generally speaking, your edge is where your next level begins, where the good stuff is waiting and where magic lives.

And that can be exactly why we fear it!

When it comes to the Make Space for Magic process, participants are invited to go as close to their edge with space clearing as they can. I talk in the program about “The 7 Landmark Layers of Clutter Clearing” and this comes in the form of a simple one-page document that clearly shows the world of difference between doing a quick pick-up and dust, versus a complete no-holds-barred detox.

In the first world nothing really changes, in the second, everything can change – if you want it to.

As it’s a Tuesday and this post is supposed to be about what’s happening in my world right now, I’ll share with you that last week I was “supposed” to clear my office – according to my MSFM plan – but that didn’t happen. Yes, absolutely, I was very busy and I ended up needing to be out of the office on one of my weekdays where previously I was going to be working, so I did have some time to make up there, BUT…

Truth be told, I did have Sunday.

But apparently I wanted to do everything but space clear on Sunday.

You name it, I did it on Sunday… everything, that is, except space clearing LOL.

I didn’t consciously notice the avoidance until today.

I was thinking about resistance around space clearing and next levels generally, and then I realised how I’d completely overlooked my own plan.

And so I challenged myself: “Why didn’t you do the space clearing last week, Karen? You wanted to, you said you would…”

The reasons (excuses) flooded out: I needed a rest. I needed to be outside in the sunshine while it lasted. I needed to go and buy more food – and flowers. I needed to get my bullet journal ready for September…

Sunday came and went with “no space clearing here thank you”!

And so today, after my call I sat with this some more…

Rather than playing the blame or guilt card again, this time I asked myself:

“What are you afraid of?”


I tried not to answer. I went back to my excuses for a moment and tried to legitimise them. I went to see my son for 5 minutes just to see how he was. I put the washing on. I ate some macadamia nuts. I checked my phone…


Let’s try that again shall we?

“What are you afraid of?”

Damn it. I discovered that it was/is exactly the same thing I uncovered in a different coaching exercise only a few days ago:

I’m afraid of getting what I want.


Perhaps you too have uncovered this bizarre fear inside yourself in the past. It certainly is a weird one!

And if it’s not this fear that comes up, then it’s usually its just-as-dodgy-twin: “I’m afraid of NOT getting what I want”.

Ultimately, they are two sides of the same coin, and that coin is the currency of fear and it’s very very costly. In fact, it can cost us everything that we desire if we let it.


And so what is this crazy fear all about…. really?

Because obviously it makes no logical sense whatsoever.


The truth is, I wasn’t yet sure. But I knew I was definitely feeling the fear, and NOT doing it anyway!

And the resistance felt BIG. Normally I jump into space clearing without any hesitation whatsoever, but this time it has been different.

This then, means only one thing…

This is a big frickin’ deal.

The amount of resistance is always relative to the amount of potential reward.

And so I had to go down the rabbit hole with this…

I went on to ask myself these questions and journal with them…

  1. What do you believe will happen if you get what you want? (Good and “bad”)
  2. What about this delights you?
  3. What about this scares you?
  4. What about this – if anything – terrifies you?
  5. What do you believe you will have to give up?
  6. Is this actually true?
  7. If it is true, are you willing to give that up? If yes, great, if no, why not?
  8. Do the benefits outweigh the real or perceived costs?
  9. Are you willing to give up your current reality for the new one?
  10. What do you need to do to guarantee the good stuff and completely prevent the “bad” stuff?


Working through these questions enabled me to put my fears completely to bed.

The thing about fears is that they can just start as a fleeting thought and then grow completely out of control like a weed that takes over the entire garden.

Taking a step back and looking at the reality of things is a wonderful leveller!

Find the single weed, extract it by whatever means necessary, and then you are free to turn your garden into the beautiful vision you always had for it.

Ready to join me?



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