If You’re Ready to Tackle the Clutter & Confusion That’s Holding You Back & to Start Bringing Moremagicinto Your Life Right Away, This is For YOU…

“Make Space for Magic” is for everyone who is ready to get the energy moving in their life again, so that they can move out of stuckness and overload, and fully into motion, so that they can start bringing into their life exactly what they desire.

The Make Space for Magic program will change your life! 

It’s so much more than “space clearing”… It’s a complete step-by-step approach to getting back in touch with yourself at a much deeper level and then aligning yourself and your space with what you truly desire… so that your desires can actually come true.

Dear Committed Man or Woman,

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you feel stuck, overwhelmed, surrounded by chaos, you simply have too much to do, and you’re looking for some potent RELIEF and a way forward…

Then the single most powerful thing you can do is…

Make Space… for MAGIC

(with MAGIC being the things that you really, really desire instead)

That’s because excess stuff or clutter around your home holds energy – energy that is probably outdated and no longer relevant – and even more than that, energy that is telling the Universe that you’re not ready for more, that there’s no room for more.

I’ve been working with the power of space clearing since I was a child. I didn’t know it then, but my early sensitivity and fascination around space and the placement of things, was actually a huge indicator of what was to come.

As I reached my late teens I started doing vision boards before I even knew they were “a thing”…

And then in my very early 20s, I discovered the incredible power of internal space clearing through cleaning up my diet, specifically using raw foods and juicing.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and for the past few years I have been perfecting a way of working with the energy of our own body, the environment around us, and the fascinating concept of metaphysics, in order to quickly and powerfully bring magic and miracles into our life with SPEED and EASE.

When we combine all three – diet, environment & intention – we truly are harnessing the most powerful energies possible to attract and bring in what we desire.

This program and the four modules within it provide the shortest, most powerful deep dive into this work that I’ve perfected over two decades.

In less than a month it will enable you to do all of the following:

  • Get clear on what is currently blocking you the most in your life (we use a very cool process for this which is super-simple and incredibly powerful)
  • Get clear on what your 5 most pressing and juicy desires are right now
  • Clear a specially chosen space in your home to make space for what you desire in a way that you have never done before (this is my advanced 13-step method that yields incredible results)
  • Bring your 5 desires to life by getting crystal clear on what it is that you TRULY want, on paper, and then receive information on the how and the when using a special technique that enables information to flow
  • Create a divinely inspired Action Plan for your first most pressing desire, so that you can start making it happen as soon as you’re ready

The entire program is comprised of 4 potent parts. It is incredibly simple and all clearly laid out, yet runs incredibly deep, and what comes from it is beyond what you could ever imagine.


What do you desire? Karen KnowlerModule #1 Delivered: Available as soon as you sign up

Live Call #1: Tuesday 3 September 2019

In this first week you will:

  • Discover what’s holding you back right now
  • Discover what your top 5 desires are at this point in your life 
  • Get clear on how your life will be elevated through releasing your blocks and embracing your desires
Time required this week: Approximately 1-2 hours for the homework + 75 minutes for the Q&A Call (optional)


Module #2 Delivered: Friday 6 September 2019

Live Call #2: Tuesday 10 September 2019

In this second week you will:

  • Learn my unique much-loved process for clearing any space in your home in order to make space for magic. This process is fun, powerful and creates truly magical results – often right away!
  • Decide which space you are going to clear in your home and what your intention is for it
  • Clear the space using the Make Space for Magic 13-step process
You are going to LOVE working with this process! The 13-step process will take you deeper into your clearing process than you’ve ever been before. This process is unlike any other you will have come across, and you will FEEL the difference as you follow each step to the letter. By working through this module, you will end up with a totally transformed space that is totally aligned with what you desire.

Time required this week: A few hours to 1 day for the space clearing + 75 minutes for the Q&A Call (optional)


Module #3 Delivered: Friday 13 September 2019Dream your dream. Karen Knowler

Live Call #3: Tuesday 17 September 2019

In this third week you will:

  • Go to that wonderful place in the future where all five of your desires are already manifested, and you discover how they came to pass. 
By working through this process, you’ll discover more about HOW it’s going to happen, and exactly what it is that you want to receive. By completing this process, you’ll have more clarity about the specifics of your desires than ever before.

Time required this week: Approximately 1-2 hours for the homework + 75 minutes for the Q&A Call (optional)


Module #4 Delivered: Friday 20 September 2019

Live Call #4: Tuesday 24 September 2019

In this fourth week you will:

  • Return to your primary desire, and “drive the train home” in terms of getting super-clear and specific on what needs to be done now to bring this desire into your life. 
This step-by-step process is a combination of logical thinking and receiving Divine guidance, as well as using other powerful metaphysical techniques to bring your dream to life. 

Time required this week: Approximately 1-2 hours for the homework + 75 minutes for the Q&A Call (optional)


In this final call you have the opportunity to ask any final questions, receive additional coaching and guidance on your MSFM clearing and projects, and to celebrate all of your amazing wins!

Once you’ve completed this 4-step program, you have it to refer to and return to over and over again in the future, as many times as you want to use it! 

(I personally use this process 4-6x per year!)

What You Receive

  • 4x Beautiful Type-able Workbooks + Accompanying audios. These four modules will be made available to you on the Friday prior to each live call via its InstantTeleseminar page. Module 1 is available to you as soon as you sign up.
  • 5x 60-75 Minute Group Q&A/Coaching Calls (one per week for 5 weeks). These can be joined live via telephone or FREE via the internet. Calls will be taking place on Tuesdays at 9:30am Pacific / 12:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm UK. Questions can be posted in advance if you cannot make any or all calls live, and your question/s will be read out and answered on the call so that you can receive a response from Karen via the recording.
  • Facebook Group & Community – the best way to share your journey, get support from Karen and to get your questions answered. The group is open from Tuesday 27th August until Friday 4th October 2019.
  • Recordings of all of the Group Calls. These are yours to keep and listen back to forever. So you can re-use this program to Make Space for Magic as often as you want to!

If you’re ready to clear the clutter, get into alignment and experience real magic in your life again…

Secure your spot TODAY and JOIN US!

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If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to email us at

I CANNOT WAIT to share this amazing life-changing process with you, so that you can start transforming your life in the wonderful ways that you desire!

with love,

Karen KNowler Are you ready for a new life?

PS: Don’t forget, you gain IMMEDIATE access to Module 1 the moment you sign up, so you can start having breakthroughs right away if you’re itching to get started.

PPS: Not sure if this program is for you? Check out Max Tuck’s experience of working with the program a couple of years ago – you’ll be amazed and inspired by what she shares about what transpired for her during the program.





No… however experience shows that being part of the group experience will enhance your experience of the program greatly and I really recommend it. It’s the only way that you can get personalised support from me (Karen) with your journey, plus you get the benefit of being among other amazing women from all around the world.


Yes, every aspect of this program is virtual/downloadable. You can participate in this program from anywhere in the world. Even if you can’t make group calls live you can post questions in advance. Time zone and location are not a barrier to participating fully in every aspect of this program.


Refund Policy: Not sure if this is for you? Don’t worry… You have up until 5pm UK time on Wednesday 4th September 2019 to decide if this program is for you. If you decide it’s not, you’ll receive a full refund and we’ll remove you from the program… BUT! we think you’re going to love it, and will be as excited as we are about what’s in store for you! (After that time no refunds will be issued.)

Karen Knowler testimonial“Make Space for Magic is not your usual ho-hum pop Feng Shui course. I thought I’d humor Karen and follow her instructions to the letter, thinking ‘I’ve been doing this since the 70’s’.

Ahem… Point taken!

Exactly where had my decades of moving the couch across the room taken me?

Since the first MSFM I completely transformed my life, and oddly enough even wrote down the exact specifications for my new home which, six months later popped into my lap, when I was sure I could never have such things.

Karen has a truly magical teaching style with detailed calls, materials, timing, gift bags to clamour for and which uplift your world, she has such solid timing, delivery (British accent and a voice that melts coco butter), accessible consistent links that always work, calls I can save in my speed dial, and established Facebook peers who all are working on bringing up our life vibration.

The thing I loved about this program is how far and fast it has brought me, and during my second time around I have been even more brave because now the stage is set to propel me into the stars.

The program is practical yet whimsical too; it’s magical and elegant, and for me has made me love my life again with a childlike calm, but also wisdom of becoming my own best friend. Karen gets through to our lifetime of procrastination and disappointments in her compelling and serene but challenging way, when she emphasizes that you cannot bring in your dreams when there’s no room for them to come home to!

I was reunited with my teenage daughter after several years estranged, and she now lives with me full time. I was working in an industry that couldn’t even touch my true skills, and now I’m full-time with a waiting list to get in to see me in what I’ve trained and dreamed of since my teens. I had equipment and possessions scattered along the entire west coast, and now I’ve gathered everything in one place and am setting up my commercial kitchen with new brands that reflect my formerly secret dreams.

I’ve always been an adventurer and jump in and try new things, but didn’t have the nuts and bolts in place to really dream of flying. I’ve been surviving so long but doing MSFM is a practice that has brought me more stability and focus, while ALSO having the challenge to dare articulate what my innermost being really wants.

Basically making space with Karen Knowler’s spiritual course and really being stretched by her courses even more than I can actually conceive of, is so healing, and an oasis of fun and productive merriment in a world in upheaval and unrest. I feel I’ve really only begun, yet it’s already so transformative.

It’s great to have a mentor who truly sees this as more than self-improvement, but as a form of service to humanity and nature. It’s hard to comprehend how much has changed in my life and how many more people I’m also helping now, including as a Mom. I’m so grateful for this world Karen’s work has opened up to me.”

Sea Cummins | Portland, Oregon, USA

Karen Knowler testimonial“I have recently taken part in the Make Space program with Karen. I thought this might be a support group to help declutter my living and working environment, but I was so wrong, because it is so much more than an exercise in decluttering.

Karen provides the tools and support to get down deep, and at a soul level, seek and find your truth. Yes, you will be decluttering, cleaning and polishing your living spaces, but it happens from your heart and soul.

I discovered the places where I was holding resistance, and consequently these blocks were reflected in my spaces. Becoming consciously aware of these blockages enabled me to work on releasing and letting go of beliefs that did not serve me, and that have been holding me back from being the best version of me that I can be.

After the first week three wonderful things manifested out of the blue: I was promoted; offered the use of a lovely car to drive for as long as I wanted it; and a work colleague gifted me a beautiful bottle of perfume for no reason! My sleep has improved, and I have a lightness of being that I didn’t have before.

I plan on doing this program again and again, whenever I feel the need.”

Joyce Piper | Adelaide, South Australia

Karen Knowler testimonial

“This program is so powerful in helping you to get really clear on what you need to focus on in your life in order to move forward. The steps are clearly set out, easy to follow, and I loved the process.

I have gone from driving along aimlessly in my life, to making clear decisions about how I want my life to be, and taking the action necessary to make it happen. The steps I have taken are bigger than anything I could have even thought about before I met Karen.

I have totally renovated my home, I have changed my eating habits, I have cleared many possessions out of my life and lightened my load massively.

I have become a more spontaneous traveller, I have changed my car, plus lots of other things – too many to mention here – and the latest is I have started a Shamanism practitioners course. I am re-doing the program again right now, and am excited for the next chapter of my life.

If you are ready to rock your world you won’t be disappointed with this program. If you like plodding along, then this program isn’t for you! I just want to be really honest with you. Life will not be the same if you commit to the program. It is also downloadable, so you can redo it whenever you feel stuck and feel the need for another shift. It’s fantastic value, and it keeps giving and giving. Wishing you happiness on your journey.”

Jayne Missoni | Scunthorpe, UK