{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Make Space for Magic Experience

{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Make Space for Magic Experience

So it’s that time of year again when it’s fresh starts and releasing, left, right and centre.

I already shared that for the one and only time this year I’m running the awesome “Make Space for Magic” program (doors close this Friday, by the way).

And so, as always, I am participating in the program.

For those of you who know nothing about this program, the short version is that it’s a complete step-by-step process to get clear on what’s currently holding you back in your life, to get clear on what you really want instead, and then to effectively work with energy to clear a physical space or room in your home in a very specific way in order to bring your dreams to life.

Like I say, this is the short version. The “magic” is in the process and the results… it’s phenomenal what gets to happen and also the unexpected ripple effect of the amazing insights that naturally flow as a result of participating with this process.

It’s one of those… you have to experience it to understand it. But the fact that there are so many alumnae returning for this go around is certainly a testimony to its power.

So back to me 😉

This time around I chose my office to clear. This is because my office is the area of my home that most closely correlates to the goal/dream that I am focusing on first.

As I explain on audio #2 of Make Space for Magic, the clearing and receiving of magic happens cumulatively. For the first hour or so you might not feel or find much to write home about, but once the energy starts to build and the clearing gets increasingly potent and aligned, this is when those first glimpses of magic start to reveal themselves in small but meaningful ways.

For me, the first few celebrations this time around were:

  • Finding the missing glass to go with the carafe I have recently starting taking to bed (I thought it had disappeared into thin air and was gone forever, but no, apparently it had become a pen holder and was hiding in an office drawer)
  • Hearing totally amazing news from a current client – news she has been waiting for, for months
  • Someone messaged me right after I was thinking about them
  • Unexpected money appeared in my business without doing anything different

These all happened within about 3 hours of starting the process.

Unfortunately for me, this time around I had to cut my process short as I had other places I needed to be. This is something I strongly recommend against, but on this occasion it was non-negotiable, and so I had to complete my clearing at about halfway in.

As I write, I am still 50% in because I’ve had so much else to do this week! 

I’l have to wait until this weekend to get to the rest, and as I always like to remind MSFM members… the real magic is waiting in those very final moments.

I look forward to sharing more about mine this time next week! Watch this space…



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