{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My September Fresh Start

{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My September Fresh Start

I won’t be the first or the last to say it, but: “Where did the first eight months of 2019 go?”

Anyhow, here we are, and… It is what it is!

It’s September 3rd today, and this week I’m here to talk about what I’ve been up to that’s made the biggest difference when it comes to getting aligned with the month of September and also the first signs of autumn that are now upon us.

While I generally love the back-to-school vibe, this year I also found that I so enjoyed my summer, even though no exotic holidays or away-breaks featured. 

As is apparently now customary, I had my annual house move (!) in July instead, and that certainly ate into a lot of it, but it was such a GREAT move in terms of from where to where, that it definitely was one of the highlights of my summer, and one of the best decisions of my life all year.

I also loved the number of walks I went on, especially spending time by the two lagoons that are local to me. One is so peaceful that I thought it would be the perfect place to write poetry or my next book, and the other so vast it was almost like sitting by the ocean.

For this and other reasons, I am so blessed and grateful to live where I live, and every day as I look out of my office window I feel this way, as I see nothing but a mass of gorgeous strong trees, which is just the way I like it!

And so… while summer is not officially over, the transition out of it has clearly begun. The evidence is all around me, the chillier mornings, the browner leaves, trousers instead of skirts, the blackberries, the darker evenings… These things are becoming increasingly common and while I appreciate the transition, I still feel the need to squeeze every last drop out of this particular summer.

And therein lies my dilemma.

With a foot in both worlds (seasons) is it actually possible to have a fresh start?

I think so.

The fresh start I’m talking about is not delineated by what the outside world is reflecting, but a deeper place inside where we can decree it so.

Ultimately, we can decide anything we want to on the inside, so while my heart will still choose the nectarines in my fruit bowl over the plums, in my inner sanctum I am choosing to rise above all of that and choose a fresh start of my own creation.

This fresh start for me is about drawing a line under the previous months of 2019, and doing things very differently.

When I am coaching people and they are feeling bored, uninspired and don’t have an exciting vision moving them from within and puling them forward, I will always say the same thing:

“You have outgrown yourself and your dreams, it’s time to take things to a completely different level.”

I also share how this phenomenon absolutely creeps up on us, overtakes us and then leaves us feeling confused out the other side.

i.e. What’s wrong? Why don’t things feel right? Why don’t I feel right?

I LOVE it when this happens!

It’s a wonderful sign, because the good news is, the faster you outgrow yourself, the more wonderful things you get to experience!

And so…

Sunday was September 1st and for me the whole day was dedicated to slowing right down (beyond needed) and creating a brand new Bullet Journal for myself.

This time I went for the much larger journal – this stunning gold A4 model which is HOT STUFF!

With the amount of pages I have already used, it may be that this particular one only last me two months, as opposed to the usual four, and that’s absolutely fine, because I want these two months to be EPIC and this BJo is my biggest tool to get me there.

So what’s inside this one, you may be wondering…

Well, so far, 43 pages worth of content and it’s only September 3rd!

That probably speaks volumes.

I have pages for:

  • Daily routine 
  • Weekly routine
  • What’s pending?
  • Monthly checklist – professional
  • Monthly checklist – personal
  • Social media planner
  • Artwork
  • Quarterly targets and goals
  • Life area goals
  • September bucket list
  • September wish list
  • Pages from HVL101 – calendar, overview, intention page, to-do lists
  • September goals
  • Social media calendar
  • Marketing calendar
  • Program and client tracking
  • Project plans
  • Daily habit tracker
  • Daily hormone/body tracker
  • Gratitude list
  • Monthly bills – personal
  • Monthly bills – professional 
  • Income tracking
  • Week ahead planner
  • Weekly social media planner
  • And then I have a 2-page spread for each and every day to keep me completely on track with the details and also making those bigger things happen.

And I know that each person reading this list will have a different response!

Some people might want to replicate it, others may feel exhausted just reading it!

And that’s OK, that’s the beauty of Bullet Journals – they’re all about customisation.

For September to be my big uplevel/fresh start month, I had to put a lot of new things in place. I also needed to go BIGGER – hence the much bigger journal.

Trying to squeeze my life into an A5 notebook was fine for a while, and extremely portable, but ultimately I realised that I didn’t want to squeeze myself or my life anymore. 

So, September – my time to live large no matter whether the sun is shining or the leaves are browning.

Because I decreed it so!


So how about you? What is this September about for you? Are you ready for the autumn/fall and how do you feel about it? I’d love to hear in the comments section below!


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