{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Summer Reinvention – Part 1 of 3

{MY EXTRAWDINARY LIFE} My Summer Reinvention – Part 1 of 3

Every year around the summer solstice I run a 9-week program called “My Summer Reinvention.”

The current program started last Thursday, 20th June 2019, and I have to say… I am LOVING it!

In short, this program is a step-by-step creative and fun way to map out your summer so that it’s magical and everything else that you want it to be – it’s also the only opportunity for non-members of High Vibrational Living 101 to access the truly life-changing “High Vibrational YOU” program.

High Vibrational YOU is a program I created a few years ago now. It uses a unique and very fun process to help you discover your next level in a way that you won’t have seen before and that’s super-effective. Everyone absolutely loves it and they never cease to be amazed at what they are able to see, access and come to clarity on as a result of it. 

Summer is the perfect time of year to do this program because it gives you the blueprint to discover what the next level you looks and feels like, and then the Autumn/Fall gives you the opportunity to release whatever is out of alignment with that and to make space for the new you to be birthed. Winter then gives you the time and space to fully birth that new you thanks to the darker, more introspective winter months. So Summer really is the perfect time to conceive her!

The process is incredibly simple, magical and powerful, however, it’s really very difficult to do it justice using just words.

In a moment I’ll share how you can access the first part of the Summer Reinvention program for free, but first, a little personal share, as it’s always more interesting to read about someone else’s journey don’t you think?!

So for me, there are many reasons why I’m excited about this year’s Summer Reinvention.

First of all, the first six months of 2019 have been fairly challenging. Among other things, I’ve dealt with a long-term relationship break-up, my mother’s cancer diagnosis, my son doing his most important exams and his college application, and then, most recently, receiving unexpected notice on my apartment. Really I’ve had a lot going on in some major areas of my life – but on the positive side it has definitely brought out the Zen Buddhist Monk within! One of the lessons I’ve had the opportunity to experientially learn this year is “stay present.” Another is “trust” and yet another is “don’t worry about the how.” I have become quite the Jedi Master when it comes to not jumping to conclusions and staying calm.

Now that the worst is over (or at least I hope so!)  I feel the space is starting to appear for me to revisit me and my life in a whole new way.

While my house move is my priority right now (three weeks and counting), I also know that consciously creating my new home to support the new me is going to be a very fun, powerful and exciting project to get stuck into, also.

And so my personal Summer Reinvention will be new home and new me.

Right now I am in Phase 1 of my Summer and it’s all about Cleansing/Releasing.

Part of my plan for this Phase is the juice cleanse I’m currently on, massages, lots of visits to the steam room, and of course, as always, getting rid of more “stuff”. In this case by “stuff” I mean possessions and also anything that’s not serving me mentally or emotionally.

I’ve been documenting my juice cleanse on Facebook and Instagram (posts are identical), and I’m sharing in the MSR group my journey along the way, and they’re sharing theirs. It’s so much more fun to do it all together! Especially as everyone has a different theme for each Phase and everyone’s chosen activities are different.

The High Vibrational YOU part gets released starting July 11th and that’s when things get even more interesting!

Curious to find out YOUR themes for this summer?

I’d love to assist you in just that! Just click here for FREE instant access to the virtual workshop that I ran last year that will hand-hold you through it… I promise you will love it – everyone does. (And I’d love it if you come back here and share your themes as well in the comments section…)

Whether you choose to join this year’s “My Summer Reinvention” program or not, the above workshop is your first crucial step – it sets the scene for everything.

And if you’re interested to check out the full-blown program that started last Thursday, click here and if you know it’s for you, I encourage you to dive in asap as doors close on 4th July and the sooner you start, the better.

And now it’s your turn! 

I’d love to hear – how has the first half of 2019 been for YOU? What themes are you choosing for your summer this year?

Please share in the comments below!

And here’s to a magical summer to remember for all of us!


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