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Five Simple Steps, Massive Transformation

The New Life process has the power to take you from wherever you are today in your life, to an incredible new reality that is everything you want it to be.


Basically, the first two steps get you clear enough – inside and out – to hear what is trying to come through to you via space-making and diet. The third step enables the clearest and highest vision possible to come through via clear connection with your higher wisdom/Soul. The fourth step is all about taking the correct actions to bring that vision to life, and the fifth step is where you take stock of all that has transpired, you recognise who you are now today, and you become aware of where you are being called to next, in order to step into an even higher version of your life, and to access even more magic than you did before.

The New Life process will work for you no matter how organised or chaotic you consider your current life to be.

You just have to be prepared to do the work. (Although the way I teach these steps, the whole journey generally feels like play!)

In principle, each step is very simple.

However, each step has seven layers to it.

Layer 1 of each step is the most super-simple, easy-breezy approach to getting things moving, and literally anyone can do it. You’ll feel enough of a shift to see the process working, and it will give you the clarity and understanding of how and why these steps really do enable magic to show up quickly and powerfully in your life.

Layers 2 and 3 are easy for those who are used to any kind of personal development work and have some previous experience of working within the area that they are focusing on.

Layer 4 is the turning point in each of the areas, as it’s halfway through the 7-layer journey and is the layer where a woman essentially decides that her commitment is greater than her fear, and life really starts sprinkling the magic in a much more noticeable way.

Layers 5 and 6 are where things get really juicy, massive shifts occur, and the doors to magic are well and truly open.

And Layer 7 is the layer of mastery in this area and where the truest, purest experience of your Soul and life’s magic reside. What can open up to you from fully completing this layer is really beyond extraordinary, and well worth every investment of your time, energy and money, should you decide that only the most amazing, wonderful and powerful body, life, and version of yourself will do!

So that’s the overview of the New Life process and all that it can offer you.

Whether you are brand new to personal and life transformation, or a long-term seasoned pro, I guarantee that as you work your way through each layer you will discover more and more illumination, power, joy, abundance, peace, purpose and magic open up to you.

How to Get Started

You’re here because your new life is calling you, and chances are you really don’t want to wait any longer to find out what this new life is all about.

You may currently have absolutely no clue what lays in store for you or what you really want, or you may have a pretty good idea, but you’re wondering if it’s really and truly what you want, or more specifically (if you’re ready to hear it), what your Soul wants. You just want to get clear, and you want to feel excited about life again.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, the first step on the journey is always the same, and it’s to start with the Clean Sheet Exercise.

The Clean Sheet Exercise will enable you to:

  • Get clear on what you want to take forward in your life
  • Get clear on what you want to leave behind
  • Get clear on what new, amazing and juicy stuff you want to bring in (there’s a special process for getting clear on this)
  • And, if you’re really ready to go for it and claim the level of life that will truly set your heart and Soul on fire, then, using a special visualisation that I’ve recorded for you, you’ll gain access to the “magic ingredient” that will change everything for you, and prevent your new vision from simply being a happier upgrade. I want so much more for you than that, and I trust that you also want more for yourself too! This meditation will be a complete game changer for you, and you’ll be amazed at what new doors of awareness and possibility it will open up for you.

Click here to access your own free copy of the Clean Sheet Exercise.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve completed the Clean Sheet Exercise you’ll be clearer than you’ve been for a long time and you’ll be feeling all buzzed up and ready to go.

But go where?

And how?

This is where the New Life Assessment comes in.

The New Life Assessment is a short but powerful quiz which will help you to specifically pinpoint where in the New Life Cycle you are right now.

Once you know this, you will know EXACTLY where to place your energy first and WHY.

You can access the Assessment along with a lot more juicy background on each of the 5 new Life Stages by downloading the gorgeous New Life Guide.

Then you’ll be off and running!

To assist you on your journey and to enable you to move to increasingly higher levels of joy in your life, I’ve created many resources to help you.

The free ones you can find here.

The more elaborate and detailed ones you can find here.

And if you want to find out more about my own journey and why I’ve dedicated my life to helping women to go on this incredible journey, you can find out more about me here.