{ARTICLE} The Importance of Environment – Part 2

{ARTICLE} The Importance of Environment – Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-parter I spoke about how your inner and outer world can absolutely support or deny your raw food journey, and how. Today I am here with our final part to share why moving forward and weaving that cocoon is, as hard as it may be to hear it, our only real choice if we are to thrive (and keep smiling!).

Before we get going then, I want you to sit comfortably without distractions and take a few moments to picture yourself walking along a bright sunny path surrounded by grass, trees and whatever else would be in your idea of heaven. Feel the sun beating down on your bare shoulders, see the blue sky above, feel the light breeze in your hair, and smell the scent of fresh, pure air all around you. As you walk, really sense how it feels to be walking in a clean, lean, strong and energetic body, feeling as if you are at one with your surroundings and can go anywhere, do anything or be anyone you desire.

Feeling good yet?

Well, what you have just enjoyed is the energetic equivalent of how you will feel once you come through and step outside of the cocoon – the place where you get to spread your wings – and fly!

Depending on where you are at in your journey you may or may not know first-hand that life on raw is very different. And when I say different, I definitely mean good different! At least, that’s been my experience (and a few who-knows-how-many-thousands of others).

In a clean body where you feel young and agile, life once more feels full of possibilities and potential, just as it did when you were a child. I do believe that we literally take ourselves back to that youthful space physically and spiritually in a very real and profound way when we clean up our cells (and therefore our body), so it’s no wonder that emotionally and mentally we get a little confused!

From this place life really does seem a big and beautiful place to be. Just as the butterfly spreads its wings after months of living life as a caterpillar, formerly limited and sluggish, now the view and experience of life is so much different than before, almost totally unrecognisable, and yet, essentially the creature, at heart at least, is exactly the same.

No better analogy, I feel, sums up the energetic aspect of the raw transformation than this.

I’m going to ask you to return once more to your mind’s eye now and imagine a world full of people who have travelled this path. A world where adults feel and see as children, but have the wherewithal to be conscious creators and caretakers of the world. From your own experiences so far, assuming you have some, even just a glimpse of this reality, magnify this one-million-fold and what kind of world do you imagine we might live in?

A very different one to this one, right?

And while I’m not saying a change in diet is the full and complete solution to a world that is physically and spiritually dis-eased, I do for sure know that it is an important and integral part of the solution. Living food is literally light embodied and when we take that into ourselves, into our blood, our heart and our brain, changes happen. Big ones at that. How could they not?

Now take yourself back to that place of fear, the place of relative smallness and anxiety, the place pre- cocoon or “just-stepped-inside” cocoon where things look scary “out there” in the future should you choose to take that inner leap of faith to follow your instincts. If you can intuit that what I have shared above is true, that life on the other side is positively glorious and full of infinite possibilities, does it not look just as scary – if not more – to stay where you are, to remain a blinkered caterpillar?…

While I could leave it here and let your answers speak for themselves, I’m going to share one more thing with you because it could very well help. 

When I was 23 I felt suicidal.

I was living in London, had a great, fun and interesting job in children’s book publishing but very much felt like I was a round peg in a square hole. After an up- and-down few months in my second London life I felt completely lost, and felt there was nowhere in life for me to go.

Deep down I knew there was one other place, the place that was “my dream life” but in many ways that was more scary than the other alternative. However, I knew that really taking my own life was never going to be an option. I have always held life as sacred and knew that I had the power within me, however small it felt at that point in time, to turn things around. I just didn’t know exactly what that would look like or if I could manage it alone.

As things came to a head I was signed off work for two weeks with depression/nervous breakdown and went to stay with my father. My family didn’t know what to do with me. Their best efforts to cheer me up or at least move me emotionally were unsuccessful. It was horrible for all of us. I felt dead in a living body, totally stuck and alone.

One day while I was alone at their house, right in the thick of my depression, an inner voice told me: “The only way out of this is UP. The only solution is to follow your soul’s calling and do what you WANT to do, not what you think you should be doing or what you think other people will approve of.”

I must share here that I was already three years into my raw food journey at this point although I had never made a leap to 100% for any significant period of time. I was scared of going all raw, in fact scared of moving forward on every level, after all it was unchartered territory and it’s not “safe” to go there, right? Especially when you feel as if you’re doing it all alone.

But with my back against the wall and my heart in the mud, there really wasn’t any other option as far as I could see.

And so it was that I decided that my only real choice was to fully commit to my Self, my soul, and to step energetically and metaphorically into my cocoon.

So after my two weeks were up I left my parents’ home, went back to London, changed my focus, upped the raw and within roughly 18 months I was living a completely different life, including running The Fresh Network, working in a meditation centre and living in a lovely home in the East Anglian countryside overlooking Ely cathedral.

With that said, to be clear: going raw and following my soul have undoubtedly been THE best two decisions I have ever made for my own personal wellbeing. Needless to say, knowing first-hand the power of connecting body and spirit in a very powerful and deeply profound way and being able to pass that on to others has been the complete inspiration for becoming a raw food coach.

So much more to say, but this isn’t the time as this journey now is about you.

So the moral of this story is?

If I can do it, so can..?


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