{SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT} Raw Food Teacher Training Starts Tomorrow & Free Resources For Your Teaching Journey

{SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT} Raw Food Teacher Training Starts Tomorrow & Free Resources For Your Teaching Journey

I see you… I see you with that room full of excited students, eagerly awaiting to learn from you.

I totally see it. SO CLEARLY.

I know you don’t believe it yet. You’ve been through a lot of stress and overthinking when it comes to trying to figure out how to turn your raw food business dreams into a reality. Just take a deep breath and dive in with me here, okay?

You wake up everyday and pinch yourself because you never imagined you would have classes full of perfect and super-enthusiastic students waiting specifically in YOUR classroom, ready and eager to learn from YOU.

You never thought this could happen because you’ve spent a huge amount of your time waiting, wondering, maybe experimenting a little in your kitchen, because you thought that no-one would show up to learn from you.

You never thought this would happen because it seemed like you would never figure out how to make this happen and get it RIGHT.

You never thought this would happen because you wondered how on earth you would find people to come to your classes in the first place. You knew that a single post on Facebook was never going to cut it!

But here you are!  

You have the raw food classes business you’ve always wanted.

You have the perfect raw food business and lifestyle for you.

You feel so excited, alive and happy that you get to do this amazing work in the world.

You no longer have to worry how it’s going to happen – because it’s happening!

Can you see it? Can you feel it?


The truth is that most raw food enthusiasts never manage to find that ideal happy ending.

Most will end up wishing that they’d been brave enough to get what they needed to make their dreams come true, but they just didn’t. (Unfortunately, I can think of many people right this second who have talked about creating this reality for YEARS and still they are not doing what they set out to do, because they got nervous, lost faith and backed out on their dream.)

You don’t HAVE to do that. You are just a click away from taking your first powerful and life-changing step to creating the raw food career and business that you dream of.

Spend 6 months with me and I’ll get you started, dear friend, and I promise you, you will have exactly what you need to put yourself on the map as a world-class Raw Food Teacher – and that’s a promise.

The new Raw Teacher Training starts tomorrow, Wednesday 12th June 2019 and if you have missed the freebies, announcements and the whole thing has somehow passed you by,  then here’s all you need to know!

Full details of the Teacher Training can be found here.

Read the fascinating case studies from past students here.

It’s the best Raw Teacher Training I’ve ever released and this year the brand new features include:

  • 2x Done-For-You Classes – all you need to run a raw food class from the class plan through to marketing copy
  • 25x Copyright-Free Recipes to use in any class you want to create
  • 90-Minute Training & Q+A Call with Russell James, “The Raw Chef”
  • “What to Put on a Simple And Effective Raw Food Teacher Website” Training
  • “My Raw Food Teaching Business Vision” Training

(And this is just the NEW content! There’s a whole lot more than this to the entire program, which runs for 6 months under my direction, coaching and guidance.)

This really is THE best possible Raw Teacher Training I could offer and I’m so excited to get started!

We currently have students from Norway, Jamaica, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Ireland and Finland.

Join us here.

This is the ONLY time this training will be available during 2019.



In the past couple of weeks there’s been two free training calls:

“How to Become a Raw Food Teacher”

“How to Turn Your Raw Chefing Passion into a Business”


A free “Are You Ready to Be A Raw Food Teacher?” downloadable guidebook.

You can gain immediate access to all three of these simply by opting in here.



Know that you want a career in raw food or incorporating it in some way, but not sure whether raw food teaching is THE THING for you?

Then you’ll definitely want to check this out instead – it’s only on special for a few more days.

Let’s do this!

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