{SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT} What’s Been Going On + Time Sensitive Opportunities

{SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT} What’s Been Going On + Time Sensitive Opportunities

Hi there!

I sent this email to my eZine readers today. If you didn’t receive a copy in your inbox, and you want to receive all future emails and announcements, simply sign up for any of my free gifts on my web site (including the Clean Sheet Exercise above), and you’ll automatically be added.

Today’s announcement is a big and juicy one. It’s a time of great change for many people I think, and so I invite you to keep reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and how profound change is at work in your own life right now… if that’s the case.

So here it is…

Hi there!

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks and haven’t been sending my usual regular emails to you.

Behind the scenes, what’s been happening has actually taken me by surprise.

The short version is: I am returning to having raw food be at the front and centre of everything I do in the world, starting today.

As for why? It’s really quite simple. It is “my thing”. It’s what I know best, do best and am off-the-charts passionate about. It’s like it is a part of my Soul, and when I distance myself from it, it is always calling me back, and when I start listening again, magic happens. Sometimes you just have to listen!

Those of you who have been in my community for years will know that raw food is where everything started for me. Back in 1998 at the age of 25 I took over the running of “The Fresh Network”, the UK’s original raw food organisation. I ran that for 8.5 years, turning it into Europe’s first exclusively raw food mail order company, and creating many other firsts in the raw food world along the way. I also co-authored my first book “Feel Good Food: A Guide to Intuitive Eating” with Susie Miller who founded the Network.

Then I went fully solo under the banner of “The Raw Food Coach” from late 2006 until last year, so another 11 years there, making a grand total of just shy of two DECADES of working in this field. During this time I helped many thousands of men and women around the world to go raw or more raw, and trained almost 2000 men and women worldwide to become Raw Food Coaches and Teachers through live and online training courses. I also wrote “Raw Food Made Simple” and “Eat Right for Your Personality Type”, with the latter being published by Hay House in 2012, which was a long-held dream mine.

Now here we are in 2018, and at the start of this year my new web site KarenKnowler.com went live where I shared the powerful and completely life-changing New Life process. Those of you who connected with my other web site “The High Vibrational Woman” will know that during 2016 and 2017 I was focused a lot more on bringing personal and spiritual development for women into the world, because I knew I had so much to offer in these realms also, having studied both intensely since I was 20 years of age – the same age that I discovered raw food.

For literally 20 years I have been waiting to see how I could make the two worlds of raw food and spiritual development join seamlessly so that I could have only one message and one website. Finally, about six weeks ago, it all came together in my mind in a way that made complete sense. And so, over the coming months you’ll see the KarenKnowler.com web site transform and everything will metamorphosise before your very eyes!

For today, here’s what you need to know about what’s happening imminently so that you can take advantage of the programs and freebies that will best serve you at this time, and if you’re ready to dive in with me these are the perfect ways to do so!

If you are new to raw food or want to get back into it and missed out on the recent run of “High Vibrational Eating” you can read all about it here. I am making it temporarily available as a home study program with personalised support from me via my High Vibrational Living 101 group. Within the group you can post questions for me and also gain access to two live Q&A calls per month to assist you in working with the program. You’ll also gain a lovely bonus selection of training workbooks and calls from the past few months such as “How to Connect with Your Soul”, “The 24 Areas of High Vibrational Living”, “How to Let Go of Whatever is Holding You Back”, “How to Reset Your Body in 24 Hours or Less”, as well as those which are published during your time within the membership. You can gain all of this for just £149 (+VAT where applicable). 

Click here to read all about it and get started right away >>

If you are new to personal and spiritual development or want to dive deeper, the High Vibrational Living 101 membership is keeping its doors open to enrolment only until the end of April 2018. At this point doors will close for a few months with no other way to access except through “High Vibrational Eating”.

Membership starts at just £17 (Approx. $24) per month, and when you join this month you too will gain instant access to all of the training workbooks that have been published since it re-opened in January 2018.

Click here to read all about it and secure all of your goodies right away >>

If you are looking to make a fresh start in your life but are currently feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first, “Make Space for Magic” is my much raved-about 5-week program to help you get clear in so many different ways, but especially to clear an area of your home that will assist you in moving forward in your life.

I’m going to be running this program live during May 2018 and as always it’s going to be EPIC! You’ll receive Module 1 as soon as you sign up and then we’ll get started as a group from Tuesday 1st May.

The very special Early Bird price is only available until Wednesday 25th April.

This is a wonderful, powerful, magical program and I’m unlikely to be running the program again until September at the very earliest. Hop on board now for your magical space-making ride! It will be so much more than you could ever anticipate, I promise. Click here to read more >>


And finally, if you are looking to become a Raw Food Coach or Teacher this year, then next week I’m going to be making an announcement that you won’t want to miss.

Click here to reserve your spot on a free training callthat I’m running on Tuesday 24th April.

By signing up for the free training call, not only will you gain access to the free call, but also you’ll receive the special pricing and fast-action bonuses on both/either of these two trainings that you won’t want to miss.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive one of the best deals ever presented around both professional trainings!

Haven’t yet explored the web site or bagged your FREE STUFF?

Click this link and you can gain access to:

The BRAND NEW (just released!) Go Raw for a Day

The Clean Sheet Exercise

Why is This Happening to Me? workbook

How to Feel Better NOW workbook

These are all the types of workbooks that you can expect to receive via High Vibrational Living 101.

That’s all for today. I am hopping on a flight to Mexico tomorrow to write my book for a week in a very special environment with fellow authors and I can’t wait! 

While I’m away, my team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about any of the above, and I look forward to welcoming you to the programs!

I’ll be sure to let you know how Mexico went when I get back and look forward to sharing more magical developments as they unfold.

This is a powerful year and I am committed to helping you make the absolute most of it!

Until soon,

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

PS: If you want to learn more about my unique spin on raw foods, be sure to listen to my interview as part of the Raw Food Mastery Summit which is going live tomorrow, Saturday 21st April 2018. Reserve your spot here.

PPS: In case you were wondering…. Yes, a brand new raw food program is in the works – my best one ever, and specifically designed for those who are more experienced with raw food and want to dive deeper into both the food itself and their development journey. Details will be released in May once everything is ready to show you and looking beautiful!

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