{SPECIAL OFFER} These are disappearing any moment…

{SPECIAL OFFER} These are disappearing any moment…

Happy Monday!

A quick announcement for those of you who are looking to take your raw food journey to a new level AND a bargain!

TheRawFoodCoach.com site is coming down literally any day (I don’t even know which day as this is now in the hands of the hosting company), and I have TWO products remaining on the site which will be discontinued when the site disappears. (A new one is coming…)

1) Go Raw For a Week

Want to try raw for a whole week or more? This is a large letter size spiral-bound book which shows and teaches you step-by-step how to go raw for a week, no matter how new you are to raw food. It’s effectively a program in a book and has received rave reviews over the years. I have only 8 copies remaining and when they’re gone they’re gone! Shipped anywhere in the world.

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2) My ExtRAWdinary Life Home Study

Ready to dramatically transform your diet AND your life? This super-juicy 9 month program is delivered via email, one module per month for 9 months, with a hard copy of the “What Type of Raw Food Eater Are YOU?” book  & CD sent to you in the mail during Month 2. (This is the only way to receive this book currently.) If you are looking for a deep-dive into your raw food journey, then look no further – and you receive the entire “Let’s Get Rawganized” program as part of it as well, which makes it a total no-brainer. Not to be missed and the price is now SUPER LOW.

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Don’t forget, these pages and products will be coming down any day, so if you click on either of the links above and the page isn’t showing, it’s because either the product has sold out, or the site is now down.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get these sweet bargains if now is your time!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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