Your Opportunity to Make a Fresh Start, Clean Out the Junk, Come Alive Again & Blossom in Whatever Way Your Soul is Calling You To


My Spring Renewal provides everything you need to step into a fresh new version of yourself, your life and your connection to your soul, at this luscious, energy-filled time of year.

My Spring Renewal is for you if:

  • You really want to get into and stay in a positive vibe and community at this pivotal time in history
  • You’re ready to get your energy back and move into the rest of 2020 looking and feeling amazing
  • You know you need to move some stagnant energy in your body and home and you’re excited to be guided through the vibe-raising process
  • You want to make the most of the lighter, longer days and to start gaining some real momentum in your life
  • You love the idea of spending six weeks consciously working to create magic, transformation and a complete Spring Renewal for yourself and in your life


Module 1 you will create your own unique plan for your High Vibrational Spring. This will set the scene for your entire spring journey and to make the very best of the rest of the program.

In this first module you will:

  • Get clear on where you are in your life right now as we enter into the first week of spring 
  • Get clear on what feels heavy, old and what you’re ready to release in order to receive your spring renewal
  • See what this spring holds for you via a special guided meditation
  • Create your own spring meadow (get your pencil and creativity ready!)
  • Get clear on what freedom you are now ready to step into  
You will leave this first step feeling clear, excited and all set to enjoy a super high-vibe spring, perfect for where you are at in your life right now. 

Time required this week: Approximately 60 minutes


Via Module 2 you will learn my unique much-loved process for clearing any space in your home in order to make space for magic. This process is fun, powerful and creates truly magical results – often right away!

In this second module you will:

  • Decide which space you are going to clear in your home and what your intention is for it
  • Clear the space using the Make Space for Magic 13-step process
  • Align your space to support your Spring Vision received during Week 1
You are going to LOVE working with this process! The 13-step process will take you deeper into your clearing process than you’ve ever been before.

Time required this week: 75 minutes to listen the audio and complete the workbook + 1 day to spend clearing your space


During Module 3 you will get clear on what level of clean-up you’re ready to do within your body in order to  receive the level of refreshment and rejuvenation that you’re currently seeking. Clearing your physical body of low-vibrational foods, toxins and any sluggishness remaining from winter will enable you to make the very most of your Spring Renewal experience and enable you to have the clarity, courage and confidence to go after your spring and summer dreams!

In this third module you will:

  • Get clear on what shifts you are ready to make in your diet and why
  • Create some new rules for yourself according to your plan
  • Clear out your kitchen of anything that doesn’t align with your plan & restock it with exactly what you need
This is a very fun week! And I can’t wait to see your before and after kitchen photos!

Time required this week: 75 minutes to listen to the audio & complete the workbook + 1-3 hours to spend clearing and restocking your kitchen 


Via Module 4 you will be guided via meditation to receive a High Vibrational Vision. By this point, with a clearer environment, body and mind, you will be in the perfect place to receive something truly special for yourself – something that has the power to rocket-ship your spring and make it even more magical than you even imagined it could be!

In this fourth module you will:

  • Receive a Vision that will enable you to move forward in your life in a whole new way that you cannot currently see
  • Make some exciting plans, decisions and action steps off the back of your vision
While it is impossible to know what’s going to reveal itself to you before it happens, assuming that you complete all of the previous assignments, I would expect you to receive a powerful vision for yourself that will take you and your life to a whole new level of passion, alignment and magic. This will be a real turning point in your Spring Renewal journey.

Time required this week: 1 hour to listen to the audio + 1 hour to expand on what came to you


Via Module 5 you will consolidate everything you’ve completed, experienced, decided and planned for your own unique spring so far. This will enable you to take a much needed pause in order to get clear on where your focus needs to go next.

In this fifth week you will:

  • Take time to reflect on everything that’s transpired so far
  • Celebrate all of your many successes!
  • Get clear on what’s still remaining from your original High Vibrational Spring Plan
  • Create your action plan for the next few weeks to bring the rest of your plan to life

This is a wonderful week of recognising just how much magic you have created in your life already, and gives you the opportunity and impetus to make even more magic happen according to your own unique plan.

Time required this week: 1 hour to listen to the audio + 1 hour to create your action plan


Via this final call, you’ll be guided to look beyond spring and into early summer. Doing this ensures that you have plenty of juicy things to create and look forward to for many weeks to come, and the opportunity to extend the magic you created during the first half of spring into the second half and beyond.

In this sixth and final Module you will:

  • Get clear on where you are in relation to your plan at this point as we enter into the second half of spring 
  • Get clear on what still needs to be released in order to receive the full spectrum of gifts of your unique Spring Renewal
  • See what the next 12 weeks hold for you via a guided meditation
  • Create your Spring into Summer Gameplan and action steps
This final module will enable you to transition beautifully into the second half of your spring and beyond, clear on the deliciousness that is still waiting for you along your path.

Time required this week: 1 hour to listen to the audio + 1 hour to create/complete your Gameplan

If you’re ready to breathe fresh air into your body, soul & life this spring, this is your ticket to making that happen!

What You Receive

  • 6x Audios (one per week for 6 weeks). These typically run for 45-60 minutes and talk you through the module, guide you through whatever you need to do, know or learn, and how to complete that week’s assignment/s.
  • 6x Beautiful Type-able Workbooks. These downloadable workbooks will be made available to you along with the audio file every Monday via email for six consecutive weeks, starting from Monday 23rd March 2020 until Friday 27th April 2020.
  • Daily 30-minute Live Q&A Calls. These will be daily calls for at least three weeks and then at least 1x 1-hour call per week thereafter for the rest of the program. These calls are in place to provide a warm and welcoming communal space for sharing, asking questions, getting support, celebrating and so much more! These can be joined live via telephone or FREE via the internet. Calls will be taking place at 4:00pm UK on most days. All dates & times will be posted in the Facebook Group. Questions can be posted in advance if you cannot make any or all calls live, and your question/s will be read out and answered on the call so that you can receive a response from Karen via the recording.
  • Facebook Group & Community – the best way to share your journey, get support from Karen and to get your questions answered. The group is open from Friday 20th March until Friday 1st May 2020.
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If you’re ready to create and enjoy a magical spring… Don’t wait! 


We start Monday 23rd March 2020.

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This program is your opportunity to make this spring the most pivotal and special season of your year!

Yes, especially right now when it’s needed the most.

Let’s do this!

with love,

Karen KNowler Are you ready for a new life?





No… however experience shows that being part of the group experience will enhance your experience of the program greatly and I really recommend it. It’s the only way that you can get personalised support from me (Karen) with your journey, plus you get the benefit of being among other amazing men & women from all around the world.


Yes, every aspect of this program is virtual/downloadable. You can participate in this program from anywhere in the world. 


Refund Policy: No refunds as you’ll start receiving access to the group from Friday 20th March 2020 and calls and content from Monday 23rd March 2020.