{Training Summary} Is Your Business Getting its Needs Met?

{Training Summary} Is Your Business Getting its Needs Met?

I recently ran a free training call which (truly) I consider as mandatory listening for every business owner – even if you’re a long way down the track.

If you missed the call and want to access the recording you can access it here >>

I promised to type-up the cliff notes from the call, so whether you have listened already or not, here’s the potted version for you 🙂

Why Your Business Has Needs & Why They Matter

Once you become a solopreneur you can be so busy focusing on your own needs and desires and navigating your own journey and emotions that you can forget that you’re in partnership with your business! It’s so easy to feel that your business is there to serve you and other people – but what about your business’ needs? What about what it needs to be happy, balanced, to thrive, to grow and to become all that you and it dream for it to be. When you fail to give your business TLC and QT and expect only wonderful things from it in return, the relationship is unbalanced, unhealthy and dare I say it… doomed. You can’t expect any relationship to thrive when you are focused on only what you can get from it, or what you want it to provide for others as well as you. You need to give back.
Together you and your business are stronger, you’re a winning combination and together, by staying in touch with each others needs you can knock it out the park and create the business, lifestyle and impact that you set out to do.
How Would You Rate Yourself as a Business Owner this Year So Far?
Take a moment. Put down anything you might be holding and close your eyes for a moment. Just feel into what I’ve just shared with you. Ask yourself, from a very honest and curious place, how do you feel you’ve been showing up for your business this year?
  • Have you been listening?
  • Have you been attentive?
  • Have you been giving your business QT outside of working inside it?
  • Have you been grateful to it and for it?
  • Have you celebrated your success together?
  • Have you made healthy and wise decisions?
  • Have you been the grown-up?
  • Have you invested in your business as well as yourself?
  • Have you got adequate support for it to run as it wants and needs to run?
These are just a few questions of many to ponder on. What matters most is not necessarily your answers as of today, but that you really become aware that your business needs you as much as you need it!
Take a moment to write down how you feel about how you’ve been as a business owner this year. Give yourself a grade from 1-10. Don’t beat up on yourself if your score is lower than you’d like it to be. You’re here, you’re reading (or listening) and you are showing up for your business TODAY. You can make a commitment from this day forward to show up for your business each and every day in the way that you both deserve. Just imagine how much different your business will look and feel when you start investing your love, time, energy, money and attention into it.
The Top 5 Needs of Your Business – Aside from Money! 
  1. Regular reviews – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual – talk about CAKE ladies
  2. An actual plan – but one that is simple, easy to execute and that does what it needs to do – nothing more, nothing less – don’t make your business and yourself work hard than you need to! You’ll be happier, more at peace and much more effective when you have the right plan for your business. Let your business assist you in creating the plan – it has feedback for you from data it has collected – how much are you paying attention to that?
  3. Organisation – this doesn’t just mean a tidy desk or office space! It means the way you file things on your computer and in your folders, the way your business systems work and making things flow seamlessly, making things fast and easy for all concerned. It means having an organised mind and working with your business to create a level of organisation that will bring both of you ease, peace and results. It especially means having your paperwork, finances and programs in order. The list goes on!
  4. Accountability – this is the one most people completely overlook! Unless you are working with a business coach or program that keeps you highly accountable, then chances are you are letting yourself off the hook continually! You may have made some big plans at the start of 2018 and yet only 50% of them (or less!) have come to life. Your business may not literally be able to talk to you and hold you to task, but your numbers will likely be giving you the feedback that you need. “Hope is not a strategy” as they say, and it’s so true! Accountability is crucial if you want to bring your plan to life and do you and your business proud.
  5. Relevant training & know-how – I find that business owners tend to fall into one of two camps: either they are continually investing in new products and programs to move their business forward, or they tell themselves they should just know what to do and sooner or later they’ll figure it out. I have lived in both camps and what I can tell you is this:
  1. There are certain things you will likely never figure out, and it’s better just to invest in what you need and save time, energy and money
  2. The things that you can figure out will probably take you years to figure out, and by that time you’ve also lost a ton of time, money and energy
  3. Continually investing without implementation can be just as foolhardy – if you’re overwhelmed by programs you’ve never taken or got past the first module, it’s time to take an honest assessment of what REALLY would help your business the most right now, and then invest accordingly. 
In my opinion, the single best investment that any business owner can make, especially one who is in their first 1-3 years, is to be part of a close-knit intimate group, with specific tailored curriculum and personalised coaching so that you learn what you need to learn and get customised guidance to move your particular business forward. You should also look for high accountability and ideally in-person meetings because as anyone will tell you, being together in person makes all of the difference.
How You Can Start Meeting These Needs Immediately
  1. Regular reviews – start thinking about how you can bring regular reviews into your business and on what basis – make the meeting fun, thorough and in a high-vibe location
  2. An actual plan – revisit the plan you have or the various pieces you’ve been toying with. Write them out on separate post-it notes. Ask your business (or the soul of your business) for its guidance. See which version of a plan feels the most juicy and high-vibe to you both. What can you BOTH get excited about?
  3. Organisation – start with your desk and work outwards. If you are currently feeling completely disorganised then mastering your desk is a great place to start because it’s a baby step and you’ll receive immediate benefits. Set aside 1-2 days to do the rest of your office, computer and paperwork. That might seem like a lot of time, but it will take this time to do it properly and the benefits you will receive out the other side will be far-reaching and long-lasting.
  4. Accountability – think carefully about this one. Who is really going to give you the level of accountability you need. In my experience this can be very hard to find. For this reason if you don’t have someone in your world who you know would be able to help you at the level that you really need it, consider joining a group or private coaching program like I outlined before.
  5. Relevant training & know-how – get clear, off the back of everything you decide around your business plan, what training you really need right now. You might find that you already have it! Save yourself money and a while lot of time by taking some time to consider this carefully before investing and when you do invest insure that you have adequate time available to work through the program and to implement it.
How to Make Meeting These Needs Easy, Fun, Stress-Free & Enjoyable So That You AND Your Business Are Ecstatic!
  • Talk to your business, or meditate or journal with it – get into a fun, loving dialogue – you might be surprised at what it has to say!
  • Decide how you want to approach all of these changes – list 3-5 words that you want to be true for you when you work with your business in this way. Examples – fun, colourful, exciting, expansive, free, creative, beautiful, loving, nurturing, consistent, committed
  • Create a special place in your office or elsewhere that you go to for business meetings, working through trainings, planning etc. Take time to consider what would be the most high-vibe environments to spend QT with your business in
  • Make things special, make them an  event – nothing has to feel like “another day in the office” – you get to decide, and you can be as creative and flamboyant with it as you want!
  • Relax! Know that when you and your business are working together, things are only ever going to improve.

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