{ARTICLE} What’s NOT Eating Raw to the Level You Desire *Really* Costing You?

{ARTICLE} What’s NOT Eating Raw to the Level You Desire *Really* Costing You?

You know how it is, you may not be 100% happy with the amount of raw food you’re eating but you’re coasting along. Life is OK, you know things could be better, but compared to many people things are going pretty well.

But if you dig below the surface, deep down chances are there’s a little voice that’s saying “You can do better than this. You can *feel* better than this. There’s so much more for you to experience, and you KNOW it!” – and if you’re anything like me, this might be quite a theme of your life!

Or maybe that little voice isn’t quite so little right now. Maybe it’s way ABOVE the surface and it’s SHOUTING at you, telling you that you are SO much bigger than who you’re being, that the only thing stopping you from leading a more extraordinary life is YOU, and you need to get on your own side and start taking action on the things that are going to make all of the difference and set your heart on fire…

Either way, here follows a simple but powerful coaching exercise that’s going to enable you to evaluate just how much your diet – if it’s less raw than you want it to be – is really affecting you.

I think you’re going to be pretty amazed when you realise what the true costs are. I know for my own part when I first did this exercise, many years ago, I realised it was costing me my life’s biggest dream! It was totally shocking.

To get started simply take a clean sheet of paper or a blank word document on your computer and write across the top of the page:

What NOT eating raw to the level I desire is really costing me…

When you’ve done that, next write out the word “Physically” underneath the title and then list all the ways that you know your body, energy and health are suffering because of the way you are eating at the moment.

Examples of things you might write could be:

  • Excess weight
  • Skin looking blotchy
  • Aches and pains have come back
  • Tired at 9pm instead of midnight
  • Cravings have returned
  • Eczema has returned
  • Feeling bleugh

You get the picture.

To make sure that your list is as comprehensive as possible I recommend that you mentally “scan” your body from your head to your toes and pinpoint all the problem areas that you know would be corrected/improved if you ate more raw. Do this for the way you look AND the way you feel. Don’t stop until you feel sure you have listed every little thing.

Once you’re done…

Next it’s time to move on to the next section which is to write:


And now repeat exactly the same exercise, except this time think of all the ways that not eating raw to the level you desire is impacting you on an emotional level.

Examples for this might be:

  • Don’t feel as happy on waking
  • Feel a bit moody throughout the day
  • Feel as if my light has gone out
  • Lost my enthusiasm for life
  • Less patience with my kids and husband
  • Can’t get excited about my job/business

Again, keep going listing out everything you can think of. It might help you to mentally scan your relationship with yourself, your family, your colleagues, the way you feel about life and other things that matter to you, and your general disposition during the day.

When you are complete with that, next move on to…


This time it’s time to consider how your thinking/beliefs have been impacted by your diet.

Examples here might be:

  • Lack of clarity
  • No sense of direction
  • Foggy thinking
  • Don’t believe I can have it all anymore
  • Thinking smaller
  • Giving up more easily on things
  • Feeling disorganised

Again, keep writing until everything that is bugging you around your thoughts, beliefs and actions that come from those thought and beliefs are affecting you. (Clutter is a great example: When we feel clogged up on the inside we create clutter on the outside.)

Next move on to “Spiritually”

Examples here might be:

  • Feel disconnected from myself
  • Talking to myself negatively
  • Feeling disconnected to Spirit
  • The joy has gone
  • I don’t feel the “magic” anymore
  • The illuminated insights have stopped coming

Same thing, keep writing.

Finally, here are some other areas where you can repeat this process, especially if you feel they are causing you harm or suffering:

  • Financially
  • Morally/Ethically
  • In relation to my BIG DREAM/S


By the end of this exercise you should know in no uncertain terms, just how much NOT eating raw to the degree you desire is really costing you.

I’m willing to bet that the results are pretty shocking.

But the real question is: Is it a price you are willing to pay?

It’s so easy to coast along with “OK”, but when you got into raw food in the first place your agenda was definitely not to feel “OK” was it?

If this is you right now, then the solution is really very simple.

You need to:

1)    Make a decision to up your level of raw to what it needs to be.

2)    Back that up with a rock-solid commitment to yourself – 100%. Nothing less will do.

3)    Create a PLAN to get there – one that’s a dream to follow and live.

4)    Follow that plan.

Inevitably it will come to pass that all of those things you have lost, you will get back again AND more. This is just how it works. As long as you genuinely FEEL that you are moving forward in your life you will experience more and more evidence of this being the case and your life will grow increasingly magical.

Now, as for the plan, well this has to be one you ADORE. Not just a “what shall I eat?” plan. That only gets us so far. That way we end up feeling tied to a “diet”.

As you may know, raw food is not a “diet” it is a way of living in the world – really living. It’s about bringing life force IN to the body to increase life force coming OUT of the body. Every area of our life and our being comes alive when we fuel ourselves on LIVING nutrition. And there’s really no denying it!

If you have any questions, simply post them in the comments box below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Also, please do share what you learned about yourself during this exercise and what the bottom-line impact of not eating the way you want has been on you and your life; I’d love to hear.

To your raw joy and nirvana : )


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