{ARTICLE} An Invitation For YOUR Raw Superhero Self

{ARTICLE} An Invitation For YOUR Raw Superhero Self

Since I stepped back into my raw food work fully I’ve been absolutely amazed at the energy that’s been showing up for me – in so many different forms. At times it has felt almost like a whirlwind. (In a good way!) Synchronicities have been happening left, right and centre.

So why has this been happening?

Because I tapped back into my super powers! Both in terms of my own life purpose and, of course, eating the way that I eat. My Raw Food Superhero Self is definitely switched to ON!

So let’s talk about YOUR Raw Superhero Self.

Do you know who he/she is?

Do you have much contact with them these days?!

Are you living in denial of their ability to wake you up, shake you up and create the most amazing magic in your life?

In my work as a Raw Food Coach I have been talking about the Raw Food Superhero for many many years – in fact I don’t even remember how long! Some of you may even remember my original logo/caricature – “Super K” – posted here for a little walk down memory lane, to make you smile, and also to remind you that YOU too have your very own Raw Superhero Self just waiting to be let loose in your life and the wider world. There is so much magic to be had!

Who could you be if you allowed your Raw Superhero Self to shine?

How would your body, life and diet be different?

What would you have the energy, courage and vision to do if you allowed yourself to step into your Raw Superhero Self for a day, a week, a month…?

If your experience is anything like mine (which I feel sure it is!), one thing you know for sure is that when you eat crap, you feel like crap. And when you eat raw, you feel kinda ROAR! As in, amazing.

So why do we feed our bodies things that we know aren’t good for them?

In short, it’s when we stop believing.

We stop believing that anything is possible, that magic exists, that we matter.

And we start believing that our choices don’t make any difference, to anything or anyone, least of all to us.

But you do know, and you know you know, that your Raw Superhero Self beats somewhere deep within you. And you also know that your choices do change your life, and that one of the most powerful choices you make every single day is what you put in your mouth (and don’t).

But what you might not yet know is that your Raw Superhero Self is just as real as the more “everyday” you that you may be more used to identifying with on a daily basis. 

Yes, you read that right. One might seem more real, but actually, it’s just because of where you’ve been placing your focus – and which version of you you’ve literally and figuratively been feeding.

So how do you shift the balance?

It’s actually very simple. Move your diet to 60% raw food or more, and your connection with your Raw Superhero Self starts to increase, and your relationship with the so-called “normal” you starts to decrease, by default.

Keep upping the ante, increasing the amount of raw food, the purity of it and your consistency with it, and your new “normal” will soon be your Raw Superhero Self and the old you will be displaced for as long as you continue to make choices that enable your Raw Superhero Self to thrive.

It’s pretty phenomenal!

Just think how different life can be even in as little as 24 hours from now!

(And as I like to remind people, as per yesterday’s free call on “How to Go Raw”, feeling that raw food buzz and power is 100% experiential – you have to do it to know it! You can’t just think your way into how amazing raw food can make you feel; it really comes from somewhere inside that’s activated by the food, and that creates a feeling that’s equally magical to that of your Raw Superhero – hence the match!)

So how do you get to from here to there?

First, get clear on your VISION. What do you want to create in your life? What kind of life does your RSS want to live? What do you get to be, do and have in this brave new world?

Second, FUEL UP for the journey! Go as raw as you possibly can (in a healthy manner – not just by eating random handfuls of nuts and berries!) and get yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned with the new life you are creating. (Eating raw will take care of much of this for you.)

Third, get SUPPORT. This may come in the form of books, classes, mentors, coaches… whatever it is that you need to take the next step, and the next, and the next. Every superhero needs a mentor to develop their superpowers and to turn to when life gets tough.

With every step you take, you will realise that life is so much more fun (and actually feels so much safer and more controllable) as your RSS, and that transformation is as easy and simple as you care to make it.

Ready to get your raw food game up?

I do hope so as I know what’s waiting for you when you do!

Yesterday I announced my brand new baby – the 6-week “Go Raw with Karen” program which is the culmination of my 25+ years of raw food know-how, coaching and experience. It’s the best beginners program I could ever envisage creating, and it’s THE best first/next step to take when you are ready to claim your Raw Superhero Self identity and leave the old, scared and insecure one behind.

When you allow the power of nature to nourish you and flow through you, YOU become a force of nature and THAT my friends, is priceless.

Ready to take the next step?

Go raw with me, allow me to be your mentor, and I promise you will receive way more magic than you can possibly imagine.

Join me here


PS: What do you think of Super K? Should I bring her back?

PPS: Ready to unleash your own Raw Superhero Self in a REALLY big way? Click here if you’d like to speak with me about potentially working together in a 1:1 high-level capacity. 

4 thoughts on “{ARTICLE} An Invitation For YOUR Raw Superhero Self”

  1. I have been with you for many years – at LEAST since 2003 or 4? And even before Super K, I received old-school printed copies of Get Fresh from the FRESH Network. I have always loved the aesthetic of your website and all your printed materials – and while Super K is gorgeous, my favorite visual is of the “wreath” of fresh fruit and veg in rainbow colors . . . but anything you do is aces with me, I’m a big fan.
    wishing you the best always,
    Sarasota, FL

    • Thank you Susan, that is amazing to hear! I am racking my brains trying to think of what this wreath as though 🙂 Maybe it will come back to me!

  2. I am VERY interested in this!!! But I need to simply know if I will be able to do it WITHOUT FACEBOOK. thanks for your help in advance

    • Hi VS! Yes! You can do this program without Facebook. This question is actually addressed at the bottom of the http://www.GoRawWithKaren.com page in FAQ – here’s what it says:


      Not at all, however experience shows that being part of the group experience enhances someones experience of the program greatly and I really recommend it. It’s the only way that you can get personalised support from me (Karen) during the program outside of the group training/Q&A Calls, plus you get the benefit of being part of a community who are all sharing and celebrating along the way. There is so much to be learned from others in the group, as well as the questions that they ask.

      I hope this helps!

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